Jean Cérien   France
je suis l'ombre que tu ne vois pas,
Je suis l'ombre qui te traverse,
Je suis l'ombre qui te trouvera,
Je suis l'ombre qui qui te prévoit.
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{L-G} EngiTurtle Nov 13 @ 8:40am 
Accept my friend request on steam then and we can talk
NotEnoughStrong4Me Nov 13 @ 8:39am 
No, i just want to talk with you ... And i have already you're ip so ...
{L-G} EngiTurtle Nov 13 @ 8:38am 
No you're gonna get my IP I'm not stupid.
NotEnoughStrong4Me Nov 13 @ 8:37am 
if you have a problem with me, tell me your discord to talk
{L-G} EngiTurtle Nov 13 @ 8:36am 
acting tough on the internet cause irl it wont quite work
[W-G] GFG {L-G} Nov 13 @ 8:35am 
can you like leave us be