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this game already is a leap forward. how many games have 128x128 km maps with textures detailed down to 1 mm and 64 vertices per meter, photogrammetric environment models, realistic height-based surface blending, geometrically modeled grass and flowers with individual shadows, geometrically modeled uneven surfaces (such as cobblestone), trees rendered up to 5 km away with 16k per square km, up to 100k active enemies onscreen AND can run on a normal gaming PC without using up ridiculous amounts of storage?

if you actually think this looks the same as SS3, you're blind. even the little teaser from last year looks way better. it would not be possible to recreate that in the SS3 engine without it looking way worse and running at like 5 fps at best
Jul 15 @ 3:35pm
In topic Still no Steam Controller support?
elitism is pathetic. people should play with whatever control scheme they're most comfortable with
i've recently completed SS1 (non HD) and SS3 on serious difficulty without taking damage. TFE is overall slightly harder than TSE due to the smaller weapon selection and less carefully designed fights, but they both definitely have difficulty spikes in certain parts (such as the dreaded marsh-hopper room in oasis and the bouncy room in city of the gods).

SS3 is generally easier because of sprinting and being able to backtrack much further in most levels due to a lack of doors, and most of the hitscan enemies (including technopolips) can be killed before they can shoot at you if you pay attention. also it has the devastator

SS2 is definitely the hardest one, which is why i haven't attempted the no damage thing on it yet. the game is full of weird balancing issues, bugs, and tons of enemies with homing projectiles
Jul 13 @ 2:57pm
In topic Hate to say this, but...
croteam's gonna accelerate SS4 development and release it instantly when you finally reach your 500th overly dramatic pessimistic post. you're getting close, keep it up

the active part of the english-speaking fanbase has always been small, and the playercounts for all the main games on steam have been staying in the same ranges for years. nothing's really changed
Jul 7 @ 2:32pm
In topic Will Serious Sam 2 ever get a remaster?
SS2 will be remade, but not in the way you might be thinking. it's going to be an entirely new game taking its place in the story, staying more in line with SS1 and SS3, being a true sequel to TSE. it'll be keeping elements that fit (alien planets, certain enemy types, etc.) and discarding the weird cartoony stuff.

the actual SS2 is too old and internally different to be ported to the new engine without putting in a ton of effort that would be better used in making a new game.
Jul 7 @ 2:19pm
In topic Still no Steam Controller support?
steam controller works great with this game, there're even a bunch of community-made input layouts. try doing what rad suggested
Jul 5 @ 11:04pm
In topic Dispersion crosshair for pistol
the pistol doesn't use the dispersion crosshair in fusion because it has perfect accuracy now
Jun 20 @ 1:36am
In topic No News for a YEAR
i'm shocked that prealpha footage of a tech demo with placeholder assets not meant to be shown to the public looks graphically dated

look at the presentation from the reboot develop conference a few weeks ago. the combination of high detail on the small scale (modeled grass, height-based texture blending, etc.) and the sheer magnitude of it all is extremely impressive. the only big issue is noticeable pop-in on certain textures, but that's definitely temporary. skybox could do with animated elements at the very least as well, the engine's been capable of it for 15 years already.

i'm fairly confident the game is coming out either this year or early next year. nothing to indicate that this is vaporware. they shouldn't have done the whole "see you at e3 2018" thing though, or at least they could've handled it differently
A few levels have problems with missing enemies, so I decided to hunt them all down so that Croteam can fix them in case they aren't already aware of them all. Using the editor, I played through every single campaign level available in Fusion in coop on Serious difficulty, as I figured that would allow the most spawners to exist. I've compiled a big list, with entity IDs and short descriptions, with solutions where applicable. Not all of these are spawners, some are just oddities or other problems.

TOMB OF RAMSES III 4713 - This beheaded rocketeer spawns in fire and dies. Should be moved very slightly 4759 - This kleer spawns partway inside a wall and is flung far away from where it's supposed to be. Should be moved very slightly KARNAK The ankh pool temple's outside walls (TempleShell.mdl) are bouncy (applies to Karnak Demo as well) LUXOR 1919 - The falling ceiling secret associated with this health can't be triggered without actually picking it up, forcing you to damage yourself if you have over 100. This is due to it being marked as "Only first player picks"

THE CITY OF THE GODS 5826 - This spawner spawns nothing. Should be deleted 11971 - This spawner spawns nothing and is not triggered by anything. Should be deleted THE ELEPHANT ATRIUM Green flame in the final room with cage walls is missing, despite the lighting COURTYARDS OF GILGAMESH 11897 - This demon spawner is inaccessible and is not triggered by anything. Should be deleted 11934 - Same as above 11939 - Same as above 11940 - Same as above 11944 - This demon spawner is not triggered by anything. Vaguely remember it working in classic LAND OF THE DAMNED The secret chimney santa message still has this typo: "unpluged" Small lava golems that split off from medium ones in the second chamber of the lava caves can fall to the bottom of the abyss and remain there uninjured. Another damager should be placed at the bottom with a damage type other than Heat or Burning so that they die THE GRAND CATHEDRAL The 5 static cannons in the secret pumpkin field are not counted as kills when they should be 1258 - This cucurbito spawner never spawns because its trigger, Trigg Chainsaw (1369), is not marked as active. Fix by marking the trigger as active 1259 - Same as above 1887 - This biomech spawner is inaccessible and is not triggered by anything. Should be deleted PALENQUE DEMO 1010969 - This harpy is the reason that there is always one missing kill despite all spawners being triggered. Fix by marking as a multispawner template

HOLY SPIRITS 1003486 - This kamikaze's navigation breaks and takes the wrong route to get to its marker, getting it stuck in a very far back yard. Fix by moving it closer to the edge

SUMMER IN CAIRO 17145 - This sledgehammer spawner is a leftover from E3 that can't be triggered 20019 - This rocketeer spawner is not triggered by anything. Probably meant to be triggered by taking the parkour secret pill 20082 - This gnaar spawner is never triggered because something's wrong with the script 01_CairoSquare_Script_KleerBoss.lua, it seems to think #spw_GnaarCoop always equals 0 and thus never spawns the gnaars. Not sure why BROKEN WINGS 11287 - This soldier spawner is not triggered by anything UNDER THE IRON CLOUD 7415 - This spider's first path marker (7417) is rotated incorrectly, causing the spider to flip around and clip inside the wall weirdly as it walks down THE DARK BRIDE 26823 - The first witch-bride can sometimes attack during its first invisibility/invincibility period. Try shooting at it with the minigun as soon as it spawns to see this in action 31847 - This detector volume for the Hall of Developers secret should extend to the windows where you're meant to jump in, so that you actually trigger it when you enter the area THE POWER OF THE UNDERWORLD 14346 - The rocketeer spawner associated with this armor can't be triggered without actually picking up the armor, forcing you to damage yourself if you have over 100 THE LOST TEMPLES OF NUBIA 9784 - These spiders take far too long to get to the player for being a MaintainGroup spawn. Change spw_Spiders_RunIntoTemple:SpawnMaintainGroup() to spw_Spiders_RunIntoTemple:SpawnSimple() in script 10_LostNubianTemples_Script_01_SinkTemple.lua 9785 - Same as above 10165 - This werebull spawner can't spawn all 8 because script 10_LostNubianTemples_Script_ CanyonFight.lua says to spawn 1 every 12 rocketeers killed, when there are only 25 rocketeers. Should be decoupled from rocketeers and made into a normal spawner that spawns 1 every X seconds 10166 - This biomech spawner only spawns 1 because spawner group size is 1 and SpawnGroup is called only once in same script as above. Change spw_WalkerBig_CanyonRun:SpawnGroup() to spw_WalkerBig_CanyonRun:SpawnMaintainGroup() 10167 - Same as above

GATHERING OF THE GODS 19728 - The spawners associated with this health can't be triggered without actually picking it up, forcing you to damage yourself if you have over 100

I've been compiling a list of issues with different enemy types as well, but I'll make a different thread for those later.
finally, another enemy design revealed. i like how monstrous the harpy looks
Jun 8 @ 1:08am
In topic Add Path Tracing
i don't think i've ever seen an implementation of TAA that didn't look absolutely horrible as a result of the ghosting (especially when looking at things like moving vegetation, reflective surfaces, and small particle effects like sparks and snowflakes)
May 16 @ 9:05am
In topic Low FPS on Legend of the beast
might have to do with how many enemies exist from the start of the level without needing to be spawned. it's the only one with so many, like around 100 maybe. your fps gets better towards the end because you're killing them all
May 15 @ 2:22am
In topic Big Plot Hole & Lore Contradiction
while elements of the old backstory have resurfaced in later games, it's important to keep in mind that big chunks of it have been retconned. the whole situation with sam entering the timelock is COMPLETELY different, for example.

the beheaded in SS3 could easily still be sirians. mental was (mostly?) dormant between the war on the sirians and the war on the humans, so they could've been kept in some kind of storage. details on SS4 show that humans are being turned into the new "processed" enemies, anyway.

there are possible explanations for why the big dude with the bracelet doesn't look anything like a human. the sirians were an interstellar civilization that met lots of other races, so they totally could've been made up of multiple species. maybe the big dudes were members of a high caste or something like that.
in which level does a kamikaze spawn right around a corner?

the vast majority of the enemy spawns that are behind you give distinctive audio cues and plenty of time to react to them, and enemies behind corners make idle sounds and are often partially visible before they see you. it's a matter of having decent reaction times and environmental awareness, as with most other older FPS games
May 15 @ 12:51am
In topic What is the definition
it means that the system that determines what needs to be rendered was rebuilt on each map. not something a normal player would ever notice outside of better performance in some areas
Apr 22 @ 4:11pm
In topic Full series soundtrack DLC
are you able to edit the metadata of other .ogg files?
Apr 20 @ 9:31pm
In topic Never mind the Epic Store discussion
how about new gameplay footage? it's been a year since the trailer released, and we've only seen fragments of some funky unpolished footage for journalists
Feb 28 @ 4:03pm
In topic Cheats
Originally posted by The Durka.mp4:
Originally posted by Seriously Stupid:

That doesn't disable cheats, it only enables cheats instead of "Developer Cheats":cozybethesda:

you have to start a new map or load a save that didn't have cheats enabled for it to take effect. the game doesn't forget if you activated cheats in a session, and it will always display "cheats enabled" in that session. cheating status is stored in saves
Feb 25 @ 6:13pm
In topic Location ideas?
Originally posted by Tayzor Azul:
Persia in present might be awesome. I still want to see Tower of Babel half destroyed.
I still think it is sad that in Serious Sam HD Second Encounter Tower of Babel was not very accurate, it was more of a ziggurat more than anything.

the actual structure the myth of the tower of babel was based on was most likely a really big ziggurat (etemenanki), so its appearance in SS1 isn't -that- wrong. babylon is in modern iraq though, which is a desert, so appearing in this game is out of the question
Feb 22 @ 6:53pm
In topic Why harpies are always explodes?
Originally posted by V M Z:
Originally posted by Bad Joe:

at some undefined point in the future after the release of SS4, croteam intends to overhaul SSHD and SS3 to look even better and be more like old SS1. they originally had a vague idea of when they'd do it, but it's now just "eventually"
but isnt sshd enough like the classics? for the bfe im curious although i have nothing against the normal bfe i still find it amazing but those remasters are dfinetely sounding interesting

here's the old thread in which it was discussed, you only really need to look at the OP to see what they plan to do
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