Bacon Overlord®
Florida, United States
"Your time is too precious to be sacrificed in wasted days combating the menial forces of hate, jealously, and envy." - Og Mandino

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Deal with it, the original.
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To the people that love bacon
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Vengeance, side view
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The floaty base of danger ... or something
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Basic Stuff
Friend invites:

Don't just send one, post and tell me who the hell you are first. I don't accept random invites. Ever.

Servers Currently up:

ARK (Extinction): "Baconville"

Valheim (PM for password)

ARMA 3 (EXILE) heavily modded "Baconville 2.0"

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Bacon Overlord® 19. dub. v 10.30 
Nah. You're a CSGOer and that's a brand-new account. I'll pass since we don't have any games in common. Thanks.
★jeff chang★ 19. dub. v 3.39 
bro accept my friend request plz
Bacon Overlord® 13. dub. v 17.07 
Too funny
Fred Fuchs 13. dub. v 16.49 
update, that guy that made videos on youtube about us calling us cheaters, he turned into a tra nny & deleted all his videos lmfao!
Leth 17. úno. v 8.40 
Borris 3. úno. v 19.13