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Anti-woke. Don't expect me to use your pronouns.

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When someone tries to message during a game... over and over.
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To the people that love bacon
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I bet that took awhile
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I don't play CS:GO.


It's not a VAC ban. Reading isn't just for the smart kids.


Woke Quotes of the Century
- "2 Genders, 2 Sexes. Both are based on the chromosomes you were born with"
- "Respect your own privacy so we can too. We desperately want to."
- "I am 100% delusion free. I.E. If I can't figure out if you're a guy or a girl... I will simply avoid you... Bigly."
- "I don't dislike gay people. I dislike KNOWING that you're gay or being required to take part in your gender dysphoria"
- "You're not a cat."
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Bacon Overlord® 1 hour ago 
RedXFever 2 hours ago 
lol. This the same guy who use to say he was disabled from the neck down or something? How you shooting guns with your feet? And who are you trying to threaten telling people you're a gun range rat? Plus you said you 40 something before. LMAO! This dude man.
Bacon Overlord® 4 hours ago 
♥TOKEN♥ 5 hours ago 
+rep love u
((((Semyon The Great)))) Aug 19 @ 3:06pm 
if you were rich and sacred you could be a cat
Bacon Overlord® Jul 29 @ 1:09pm 
Projection.... it's a thing.