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Amazing VR game!

I didn't have a lot of expectations for this since I have loved the Fallout series and just about every Bethesda game that's come out.

But, this game far exceeded expectations.

As far as the naysayers, take a look at their systems... most of them are Rift users (which isn't supported natively by Steam) and they shouldn't have bought the game to begin with.

Great resolution!
Perfectly smooth on a 1080 with an I7-6800K
Crystal clear graphics up close and mid-range there is some blurring, but far less than most games
Amazingly handled building menus for constructing sanctuaries
Awesome use of the PIP boy (the blow-up works very, very well and allows for fast weapon/armor switching)
Aiming is dead-on and accurate outside of VATS, inside VATS make sure you pay attention to the percentage of chance to hit. Even though you're aiming at a bodypart you're still subject to the percentage of hit chance
Console commands work, but pause the game during input.
Amazing immersion and controls

Hard to aim with the iron sights due to blurring beyond arm's length
VATS highlights of bodyparts is sometimes hard to see on distant targets (which is actually more realistic than anything, but something most people won't be used to)
Hard to get used to the PIP boy navigation, but once you do it's very easy to use.
The console for the power armor and also your compass require you to look almost straight down to see which is problematic at times.
Stealth mode kind of makes you feel as though you fell halfway through the ground, but turning off convenience stealth fixes this (however, you have to crouch in real life then)l
A bit of a steep learning curve for movement, but works very well once you get the hang of it.

A few other things worthy of note:
Opening your PIP boy does NOT pause the game so plan ahead!

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