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blah blah blah.. nobody cares, right? WHO WOULD?!

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Diablo 3: BaconOvrlord#1989
Defiance: Bacon Overlord
Champions Online: Bacon Overlord
Neverwinter: Bacon Overlord
The Division: Bacon Overlord
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Baconville.. always a fun place to visit!
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I support and use the following websites: (Tier V Donator) (Donator) (Custom GMOD addons for servers) (Level 6 donator) (Donator)

Trading Rules
I'm not trading, don't bother.

I'm accepting friend invites as long as:
1. You don't spam me with invites to groups or games.
2. You're not joining to bitch about being banned or something that happened on one of my servers.
3. You're at least somewhat nice and not a complete asshole like me.
4. You've been on Steam for at least a year and have over 50 games.
5. Don't bother inviting me on your alts that are trade profiles or bot advertisers. I don't play CS:GO, I won't be playing CS:GO and I don't have any CS:GO crap to trade. So, I'll ignore and block you.

If I'm playing a VR game and I'm not in discord, I probably won't respond if you send me a message.
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Got to create a unique title by getting the highest level of donations for Extra Life Charity. What an honor.
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Bacon Overlord® Aug 18 @ 2:43pm 
LoL... I don't have any servers right now. But, give it a couple months and I'll be able to get them back up and running again.
the admin idiot Aug 18 @ 1:26pm 
nice server u got bacon:GDNormal:
Bacon Overlord® Aug 11 @ 4:25pm 
Thanks! I figured out what was running it so much, it was the volumetric rendering. I turned it off and my GPU dropped to 30% use at 75 FPS so I'm good now.
Piece o' Hans Aug 11 @ 2:45pm 
Since your thread in MHW got locked, try rolling back your graphics driver, seems like the newest driver is causing performance to drop rather than improve.
Bacon Overlord® Aug 11 @ 5:50am 
meat beat mania Aug 11 @ 4:02am 
nice profile