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Best Chat Logs Ever
Caboose: Sorry, Faggotry is against my religion
{ICG} ☆ Star Light Codexx ☆: If faggotry was a religion, you'd be the pope

Tyler Cross : This spy is a dick
JiggsMurphy : thats caboose
*DEAD* {ICG} Caboose : lmao
Certified Penis Inspector : hes a hacker is what he is

#ClayClay: My steam rep is fucked
{ICG} Caboose: Why?
#ClayClay: Attempts of scam a few years back
#ClayClay: But I started broker a few months ago none ofh e rep is from brokering
#ClayClay: I never 'scammed'
#ClayClay: It was attempt
{ICG} Caboose: ...

logan.miranda01 : dam that was crazy how i didnt die that much

DOOMEGEDDON : Caboose made us so parinoid

*DEAD* Tyler Cross : Caboose
*DEAD* Tyler Cross : Please fuck off
*DEAD* {ICG} Caboose : lmao
Tyler Cross : Ur killin' me
Tyler Cross : literally and emotionally

YellowFellow : Spies dont trickstab a lot

Scratch Pervert : One day you gotta realize you're playing a video game with people and these people are also playing video games.
Scratch Pervert : we're all losers

New Cartoon Network is Cancer : R U FUCKING SEROIUDS

JustABeatBoxer : i only playing it mvm it sa 'you get rare items'
JustABeatBoxer : when i saw that i was like 'OH SHIT!!

Thunder Chicken : before the update I deleted my phlog
Caboose : lmao
Thunder Chicken : I didnt use it cause I felt bad for people
Thunder Chicken : But now
Thunder Chicken : regret happens

*DEAD* IKARUS : man caboose real good play there
IKARUS : like you must be getting better and better by the second
*DEAD* Caboose : lmao

GoldenThree : Sonics never played mvm b4
GoldenThree : Says no tours
Sonic108592 : i dgot kick every time idk why

Dario : Did it work hun?
Rizu : I think so.
Rizu : But it's too big for my hand to hold.
Caboose : That's what she said.

Blunderbuss : Chickfila does home delivery?
Dirk : no, one of the few benefits of marriage

Field Medi-Kun #OverwatchPlz : caboose you make me want to shit my dick.
Caboose : haha

Newbrand : noooo caboose
*DEAD* Caboose : Nice Spam
bosscage : who the heck is cabbose
Caboose : Me bitch
*DEAD* Newbrand : lol

Halflite : Our medic hates chipotle now
welcome to chipotle : lmao

*DEAD* F2P Sniper : upgradeyou teleport madafaker
F2P Sniper : what dolars cost Overwatch?
F2P Sniper : i dont speak english too good but i want so suicide me tonigth

OnyxThe2Lo : wtf i had uber on

*DEAD* Caboose : gotcha
RockNReno : screw you

jerry : i screamed for god
jerry : he did not reply

ghost : valve should do some gunboats for pyro
ghost : so I can parkour without killing myself lol
Caboose : wut


TheNucleusFactor | : Got Caboose guys
*DEAD* Caboose : hey shut up

DirkyJerky : technicallly
Caboose : testically*


Vortex of Cyberology : i try with all my spying ablitys
Vortex of Cyberology : and we still fail
Quesomorphin : get better
Vortex of Cyberology : rofl
Caboose : ^
Vortex of Cyberology : i gess ill get better on you
Caboose : LMAO
Vortex of Cyberology : ima dominate you

¬°Shark : you have to taget the medics because theyre like constant health packs
¬°Shark : how do you kill turrets?
¬°Shark : theyre like heavys on steroids

*DEAD* »✧.*ŞƤĬÇƳ*.✧« : fuck the pompson
*DEAD* Caboose : POMP

Bodacious Bill : CABOOSE THE MOOSE
*DEAD* Caboose : no
some guy : camoose
*DEAD* Caboose : STOP

Martha the Watermelon : It's not racism, I hate all races equally

*DEAD* Mutilator : you wanna take this outside?
Bass : your house or mine?

*DEAD* pepsi max is in my veins : little kids are the worst aren't they?
Lapis Lazuli : sounds like something a little kid would say....
Dalaind Mar 15, 2019 @ 2:15pm 
sad :c
cream green Dec 24, 2018 @ 8:49pm 
Merry Christmas!!! :guardian:
backstreet boyz Mar 17, 2017 @ 6:08pm 
he's gay (but that's ok)

bennett_xd Mar 10, 2017 @ 7:50pm 
Caboose seems like a super cool dude. Would be good to chill with him, cook some dope ♥♥♥♥, eat, drink, talk ♥♥♥♥ and then roofie his drink and suck him off while he's passed out.
cream green Mar 10, 2017 @ 5:45pm 
imagination is the essence of discovery
bennett_xd Feb 9, 2017 @ 3:40pm 
what a scrub