DedProtectr   Salisbury, Maryland, United States
Hi I'm DedProtectr. I play games.

Spy for Highlander and Plushie expert

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Some stuff:
Hey there, you found my profile. Here's a box of miscellaneous info that only will come in handy if one of three things happen: you want to trade, you want to talk, or you want to invite me to a group.

If you want to trade, there's no reason to add me. You can pretty easily shoot me a trade offer, which there is a link for in my description. If you really want to discuss a trade, go ahead and friend me, only if you NEED to though.

If you just wanna be friends Hi :D. You are free to add me if you wanna chat I'm always open :D

Now about those cool Steam groups, I've accepted those things way too often before, but they're obnoxious now. No, I do not want to be part of "Gibus LP Czech" "Spy hat raffle group" or "awesome people trading". If I join a group, its probably going to be a group run by closer friends, and possibly a joke group. I'm not gonna delete you if you send me them, but tone it down a bit, and dont expect me to join every group you invite me to.
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Have you seen Zoom by Tim Allen?
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+rep a bad spy
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+rep,laughs at my jokes
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hip pip cheerio mario stereo