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☑ The Community.
We are a United Kingdom based community which strive to change the GarrysMod gaming experience for the best providing good, unique, custom, quality content in our servers for everyone and anyone. We've designed our top-notch servers to exceed your expectations and to create an immersive, unique roleplaying experience.

☑ The Server - Dark Roleplay ( DarkRP )
Server IP:
Gametracker/Server Ranking: Dark Roleplay ( DarkRP ) []
Server Content: Dark Roleplay ( DarkRP )

Our aim is to try to bring back a some-what professional view upon Dark Roleplay, this community is an escape from the typical servers in this gamemode. We aim to be different, starting with our map. Although our map may be custom, we tried to keep it as close to downtown as possible to make everyone feel at home in the place everyone loves, you'd need to hop on and look yourself to really get a proper view/opinion on it... it's really something special. Our management team are always happy to assist and are always available, whether that be in-game or found on discord.

We aim to eventually have a fully custom server with the owner working hard towards that, here's a list of our current custom things:
• Printers / Printer Bag.
• Go-Karts / Go-Kart Dealer.
• Bank Robbery System.
• Mayor Election System.
• BailNPC.
• Drugs Vending Machine.
• HUD / All Interfaces.
• Textscreen Tool / Advanced Duplicator Tool.
• Armor / Health NPC.
• Player Duelling System.
• Playable Piano ( With Mute / Unmute Options )
• Permanent Weapons / Permanent Weapons NPC.
• Rainbow Physgun.
• Multicore Rendering Menu / System.
• Options / Customisation Menu.
• And Many Many More things.

☑ Community Details.
Discord Link: Click Here! []
Community Index Page: Click Here! []
Community Store: Click Here! []
Community Forums: Click Here! []

☑ Showing Your Support.
You can do many things to support us that don't consist of donating or giving up your own things. You could put 'SyntaxServers' or 'SS' at the end of your steam name, this will also get you a reward in game on the server. You could also invite your friends to the server or this SteamGroup so they get to be apart of our community.
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Ran by the players, For the players.
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