Mapper, decent blender person , a squish   United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Welcome to my profile all good people.

I am a proud heavy main

You don't need to comment about adding reasons. Just add me

Artwork by Burd

Know some things about me:

I hate item overpay with a goddamn passion.

I hate scammers, and I can tell who is a scammer almost instantly. For more information, see the counter beneath (paused as of 17/2/18)
Scammers who have failed: 40
Scammers who have succeded:1
MasterG's friend, I will never forget you

I am usually very forgiving and unless you piss me off really bad, or do something that upsets me a ton, I will try and keep you in my good books

I love the Hammer editor (Source engine level designer). For information on my current maps and such, send me a message!

I am also pretty good with Paint.Net and am trying to learn Krita as of recently

Blender is cool, I can model in it to a level

Worlds greatest quotes:

-Officer Banana: oh NO!

-Kuldis: bad word like idk cant translate it

-Random Russian guy in a casual match: u mom gay

-♥ bK*Bunny jr | MusicBot ♥: ok men ?

A conversation between kuldis and a steam friend:
Kuldis: hi
Friend: not hi
Kuldis: ?
Kuldis: i was 14 days gone
Friend: yea
Friend: those were good 14 days

(Really) Great friends:

I have worn the commissars coat and the cuban bristle crisis for so long, I've forgotten what stock heavy looks like

I am a heavy main

I love the reserve shooter(rip all that made pyro fun<3), maul, second banana, quickiebomb launcher, force a nature and tomislav

I absolutely ADORE the crosslinker's coil, and am looking to upgrade to the #1-8 (I have the #9 currently). It is by far the best hat in the game ^^

I really like stock fists, but will also use the K.G.B and holiday punch, although I dislike the models (too obstructive and don't look as nice as stock)

I am probably insane, just hear my insanity laughs


hush now, there's nothing more to see:3
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Do you hate 1 for 1s as much as "item overpay" ??
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