Nathan Bayley   Huntington Beach, California, United States
+rep please :)
League of Legends TentaiHentaclez
Battle.net FortunateSon#11607
Nintendo Switch SW-6494-6490-5514
Omae wa mou Shinderu
I like Music, Videogames, and Etc.
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Eating oreos in a parked car Apr 22 @ 10:36am 
+rep because he has the best profile pictures
TentaiHentaclez Apr 9 @ 6:04pm 
it be ya own niggas
riko Apr 9 @ 6:04pm 
one time i cried cause someone on clash of clans wouldnt stop calling me gay and my retarded ass took it to heart and quit the game when i was best in my clan man that hurt
TentaiHentaclez Jan 31 @ 6:23pm 
gianni i skinned three dogs for this costume leave me alone
Gianni Jan 31 @ 6:21pm 
-rep ugly under furr suit
Arándano Jan 22 @ 7:49pm 
:rep2: Excellent trader :rubiWink: