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Greetings and Salutations! Welcome to my profile. If you are actually curious of who I am, then lets get the basics. Oh! Before I forget, if you are trying to add me, please be nice enough to leave a comment why on my profile! Otherwise I will have to decline instantly. Under the presumption you are after my shinies.

For the traders out there. I am not interested in trading. For the people that send friend requests, please leave a comment as to why.

Who am I? I am a male. Around 25 years of still continued existance. My hobbies? Gaming, Roleplaying. What am I like? Well I guess what most people tell me is that I do enjoy a good chat. Even when it's hard to get me to tone it down a bit, but that's just me being me, too honest to really put on a persona. What do I like about myself? ... That's an odd question, but I suppose it's my ability to accept people regardless of their 'tastes' in one way or another, so long as they are good people to me, and others equally. Generally being open minded. What do I hate about myself? As all humans do, all my flaws, and perhaps how I always put myself down constantly when given the chance.. Or the fact I get too excited when something actually good happens, and I sort of scare people off. Oooor, it's the fact I am socially awkward or too generous that it's hard to make friends. What do you like to play? Team Fortress 2. Borderlands... other co-operative games and whatnot. But mostly things with my friends or good people... TF2 you say? What classes do you main? I suppose I main Engineer and Medic, with sub mains as Sniper, Heavy, scout and soldier. I detest playing pyro unless it's as a Pybro. Do you trade? I suppose I would only trade with people I consider worth the time to trade with, I usually just buy what I want.

Well time to skip the boring personal questiony stuff, lets see.. Ah. Well I suppose up above is just an example of what people ask me, and I think it's alright to just to state the questions and answer them. If you want to know more, just ask...

About random invites... Well I naturally do enjoy meeting new people, sometimes due to the value of some of my items.. I feel fishy at random invites of people below level 7, and only plays a few games.. Have I ever played with you? I hardly know you, so I feel there is a trap in there.. but regardless I do think that I can give it a shot if it's not shady enough. But if you feel confident that you do not look sketchy, then well. I shall add you, but will ask you questions as to why.

Well this got to the now more boring part. Well lets spice it up with some more useless info on me.. Do I work? Yeah, I work at a bar and grill as a cook. Do you like your job? Yes I do, free meals and great co-workers can make a day fly by with laughter and good jokes... Alright now I am out of real info to share.



If you have read this far, I suppose it's either through actual interest, or you just want to see if I have any hidden secrets. No. But hello! And thanks for reading.

Starting recently I am now one of Mr.Paladins moderators for his steam group, if you are a friend, I will not tolerate any poor behavior lightly. You have been warned.

This is what my steam account is worth. []
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Thalis Octavion™ Oct 23 @ 6:13pm 
Take care.
sativa bird Oct 23 @ 4:28pm 
Hi ok bye
NoodleSpark Aug 15 @ 10:39am 
Oh , cool
Thalis Octavion™ Aug 15 @ 8:42am 
This boi is just some engineer that wants to keep his team supported, supplied and rearing to frag day and night. Showing blues that red might is right.
NoodleSpark Aug 15 @ 4:18am 
Who is this engi main boi?
i think he meant the part where the spy was mocking and said "yippee ki-yay" still didnt understand it : /