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Nickname me, trading and mvm stuff below
I'm insane and pay too much for footprints spells I want so if I add you for something chances are I'll pay up.

Trade me here:

I got a free game off REMP's back when he got butthurt over asking if I could do wave 5 parts alone. He kicked me, I joined back wave 6, they all left and I called for friends. Greatest day ever!
-April 10th, 2021

Cheaters and cheater supporters get their time wasted. If you don't support cheaters, and you see me join your MvM game, feel relief since most of the time I know what I'm doing even if I don't perform at 100% all the time.

Oh and I hate room temperature IQ teammates. Only those who ask for help, or demonstrate the willingness to learn will be helped. I do not have the patience to teach those who do not want to be taught.
I collect Leopard Printed and Tiger Buffed war paints and skins, however only those with a black pattern. If you have one of these for me, feel free to add me about it. I will make the best offer I can.

I didn't ask for the head prize. It was a gift.

Current best mvm drops

Two Cities

Tour 12: Australium Rocket Launcher
Tour 26: Pro Ks Medi Gun Kit (Singularity, Team Shine)
Tour 50: Pro Ks Frying Pan Kit (Incinerator, Villainous Violet)

Mecha Engine

Tour 27: Gold Botkiller Minigun
Tour 37/38: 2 Gold Botkiller Wrenches back to back
Tour 55: Gold Botkiller Knife
Tour 61: Australium Stickybomb Launcher
Tour 71: Australium Grenade Launcher
Tour 82: Gold Botkiller Wrench
Tour 91: Gold Botkiller Knife
Tour 109: Gold Botkiller Wrench

Thalassius has bought back into the game for '7505' credits
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Beggar's: 25 Keys
Widowmaker: 20 Keys

Anything not listed on by me is not for sale. But if you want to try your luck, shoot me an offer. You best not make it a really shitty one, or you'll never get another chance to offer.

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I got it from plugging Aquamarine into google translate and it translating into Thalassius in Latin.
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