Kelly Lynn
Community Leader and Competitive Team Leader


Favorite Game
Team Fortress 2

Favorite Music
Mostly Nightcore but open to anything

Favorite Movie
Jigsaw Franchise

Where do you live?
London Ontario Canada



October 25th, 2001

I am Christian
Currently Online
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Market Transactions

Purple Energy Sinners- 60 Keys

Hot Well-worn Damascus & Mahogany Sniper Rifle- 40 Keys
Hot Field Tested Professional Killstreak King of the Jungle Minigun- 80 Keys
Hot Wellworn Killstreak Forest Fire Flame Thrower- 40 Keys

Please Offer Only Pure | If Offering Items, I will be deciding what stuff is priced at |
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Information Box
Introduction of Myself

Hello, my name is Kelly/Cec. I'm a person online doing my own thing. I'm an artist, both in SFM and Digitally and Traditionally. I do some TF2 Trading and TF2 Competitive.

Video games

About Video games, please don't join me out of nowhere. Ask before you join my game, if I don't respond, I'm still playing, but if i'm at the main menu and you message me and I'm not responding.

I'm taking a nap, Discord is a much better way to talk to me daily

Source Filmmaker Commissions

Activity- Open
Price- Prices vary for each Commission
Waiting List:
No one atm.

Kellys Note
Commission might take a bit of time due to inspiration, remember we artists are human too. We need motivation to do stuff

Friend Stuff

I keep my friends list very tight, its for actual friends. I'll unfriend you if we don't talk or play games. And as well if you're there for trading reasons, I will unfriend you sooner or later.

Please do not feel attacked if i unfriend you, chances are we just didn't talk or play, and I clean my friends list clean and not mashed with randoms


- Facebook Page [www.facebook.com]
- Twitter
- DeviantArt [www.deviantart.com]
- SteamRep [steamrep.com]
robloxking753 6 hours ago 
Added for any position
cereal lft 7 hours ago 
Added for spy and scout spot
Toco LFT UGC any div Sep 20 @ 11:40am 
added for the spy spot
SinLordScout Sep 19 @ 6:20pm 
Applying for the scout main/sub I have 250 hours on scout 1500 overall
No competitive experience sadly yet but you gotta start somewhere right?
Heres my discord if ya need it NotSinLordScout#1498
The Mexecutioneer Sep 18 @ 12:14pm 
i'm here to bless you with big d.ick energy, may your next few hours be powerful
-Cec- Sep 16 @ 3:39pm 
We already got a spy/scout main slot and medic and soldier sub slots are filled, if you were a pyro I'd accept