Jonathan Guess   Gainesville, Florida, United States
My name is Jonathan, I enjoy video games and technology is the one thing I am interested in. I sometimes don't know my body, age is 21, was born on September 26 1997. Got autism (according to my mom Paula guess).

Splatoon character bios:
Name: Jonathan (me)
Age: 21
Personality: friendly, and determined person willing to help anyone.
Family: Robert (father), Paula (mother) Gabriel octopus (brother).
Friends: anyone he meets
Likes: puppies and kittens, people who are confident and determined to succeed, always help people if they are feeling down or are in trouble.
Dislikes: quitters, evil, doing nothing, arguments for stupid reason, villains with personal vendettas. Belial and those who worked for him.
Weaknesses: his temper: he can sometimes get angry quite easily if something annoys him or someone does something so bad that he ends up using his rage powers.
His curiosity: sometimes his curiousness can get him to all sorts of trouble deviantart

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