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Posted: Jul 31, 2016 @ 10:27am
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After Melody's Escape leaving Early Access, I decided to give the game a second try - seeing as during the first months of its release it gave me eye sores worse than any other game predictable. As of now it does look like there's been a lot of improvement made as well as community suggestions to the visuals that cause eye strain to lots of players including myself. It definitely helps to have a 120+hz monitor or to enable/disable any sort of vsync features possible. Other features such as slow-mo and other eyecandy visuals have also been added since!

Anyway onto the real part of my review - Melody's Escape is a fantastic DDR alternative for your computer with the incredible ability to use your own songs! There are a few different difficulties you can choose when opening the game so you can play a super relaxing game to just enjoy the visuals and hit one button, or go full intense mode and hit more than one key at the same time! (A controller is heavily recommended for the much higher difficulties - past medium, perhaps)

Overall for the price you're paying, Melody's Escape is a fantastic game if you're into DDR-related games, and has incredible modability, to the extent of being able to use a whole different mascot if you wanted! Worth a buy - highly recommended!
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