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What can I say... well the most important thing actually. Which is?

1000+ hours of gameplay in five years since the release of the original.

People often ask why a player reaches those hours in an Elder Scroll game? Well the answer is that it is an Elder Scrolls game.

One day you decide to play as a Nord Thief and try to steal your way to a player home. Another day you decide that being a Conjurer and rising undead is fun and gives you the fuzzies. Then you get the idea to roleplay an Altmer Swordmaster showing those unsofisticated Nords what swordplay really means... and so on and so forth.

Then you install mods, experiment with poisons, try a spell mod or even visit a zen house mod,... all in all, every day, thousand hours and more, Skyrim is always different. Not different due to graphics, game mechanics or the story, but different because you as a player dictate how you want to play your game and any experience is different as players are different.

The game is old, it suffers from the Bethesda engine, but it has a charm and a flair that is undeniable. I have tried many open world roleplay games, but this would be the hundreth time I reinstall Skyrim. It just calls to you with its freedom and possibilities. Add in the mix the player made mods, the awesome music score and the harsh landscape of Skyrim and you have a recipe for success.

Many games will come and go, but be it five years, ten years or more, I will be returning to Skyrim, every time an idea lights in my mind, and shazaam, I am back on the character creation menu.

A word of advice, Skyrim is addictive and it is the best kind of drug. It is called, creativity.
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