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Welcome to Telz's Level Service!
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Discord Server [discord.gg]
In non-Steam game
Easiest and fastest way to level up your steam profile for cheap!

How to start?

[*] Add the BOT as a friend
[*] Type !level [desired level] to know how much it will cost to get that level
[*] Type !check to know how many sets the bot has and how many you can craft
[*] Type !buy [amount of csgo keys] or !buytf [amount of tf2 keys] and you will instantly receive a trade offer exchanging your keys for sets!
[*] Once accepted you can craft the badges and reach your desired level!
[*] You can type !help for a full list of the bots commands.

Why level up?
[*]For every 10 levels you will increase booster pack drops by 20%
[*]For every 10 levels you will get a new showcase on your profile
[*]Every level increases your friends list limit by 5
[*]For each set you craft, you can get a discount coupon to use in store!
[*]People trust more in high level profiles

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+rep quick and simple 10/10 will be using again.