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I sell catnip on Thursdays- contact me for meeting times. Buyer has changed, variety is now in stock. 5$ per 2 oz- bud cst ~~15$ long lifetime.
Hello, I am Teli. This is my profile page and this text is suppose to describe to


you that I still hate Peach Bellini, though the pain has subsided with time. I don't know if I can ever forgive the scented candle's family tree for destroying my mother's property, but let this be the first step towards a repaired future.

I use to be a very competitive person, although I've learned to toned it down massively long before I met any connections through steam. If you ever want to compete and LOSE, let me know! Otherwise, I default to screwing off.

I've resorted to throwing burritos as self defense. It works mostly. :ThrowBurrito:

I played a fair amount of tf2, but have no reputation to back me up. :C
All-Star All-Classer- All Day All Night.

I would be done with it if I didn't want to relive my small glory days on a particular class. All work and no play makes Teli a bad boii.
Paul suggested I put this on my profile.
Top 10 Plays of June #1

If you want'n to stalk me further:
I'm gay; Go away. :ThrowBurrito:
I have a fish in my head and sparkles in my eyes. Lightning bugs in my brain?

My Future Ambitions:
Kitty Kitty Kitty [] I'm a general all-in-one package with the brains to back up the actions. Mastering anime and after getting a ME degree, I'll teach myself the content of other degrees to save money. I do not agree with the present day scams taking place in America. S C A M S !

My Most Feared Enemy:
Dumb Object [] I have had a fear of tight objects around my neck since I have been a child due to a stupid chair. A chainsaw was needed to get me out. It has mostly subsided though, so screw you chairs!

Ways onto the Best Buddy Friends Forever List:
1) Draw me NSFW versions of Monkeyman's Comic characters, such as Jet. I will show him them :>
2) Answer the following: Who won the royal rumble, let victory go straight to the head, then proceeded to get eliminated first in the next royal rumble? Only real life friends know this one and they don't even want to be on my list so what the heck ever man. IT was Tommy Pickles or whatever his name was all along go away I didn't want you on my list anyways bunch of butts.
3) Pay me with dirty juicy insults of people we both know, the bigger the lie the better. Proceeds will go directly towards person taking the insult.
4) Murder a Peach bellini. " I still hate them. " - Teli, 2017.
5) Make me proud. So so so so so so so so so so so proud. Beyond proud. Prouder than how proud I am of my Nana's cooking!
6) D o g s.
7)Anything really, I just gotta like it or dislike it enough to like it

BBFF List:
1):demoticon: スカイ Shelly (1st Peach Bellini Kill)
2):demoticon: Monkey and his butt :balloon::balloon:
3):demoticon: Colson for divorcing MonkeySim :ThrowBurrito:
4):jarate: Nipple Frog. My hero.
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Flippin the board and sketchin on the pad, this summer is looking to be pretty rad!
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