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Posted: Oct 30, 2017 @ 2:35pm
Updated: Nov 1, 2017 @ 4:31pm

Somehow, the AI got even worse compared to Civ 5. This is ridiculous, as it was all ready pretty bad there, but here, it never makes any sense. The cartoony style seems like a step backwards for me, but others seem to not mind, so I might be alone on this one.

The districts system upends the older way to manage, expand and settle cities, which isn't necessarily bad, but it seems a bit arbitrary for me. I'm pretty neutral on this change overall, but it doesn't feel as satisfying as older Civs. Building a mega city with all the buildings and all tiles improved was a fun little mini-game I made for my self in Civ 5, which I even enjoyed on lower difficulties. With the districts, unless I ignore them (and get a worse city than I potentially could have), this isn't fun any-more. Not showing yield icons on districts is annoying, since it makes it difficult to compare them with other tiles, both other districts and more conventional tiles.

Workers (now builders) only having X uses is really annoying, especially as it's as low as three and can't really be raised much, even in the late game (I got 5 uses out of them in the late game once thanks to a policy, maybe you can raise this by one or two more somehow?).

The government types and policies feel much less satisfying compared to Civ 5. Government types seem arbitrary and like they don't really do anything, and the limited number of policy slots compared to the massive amount of policies (half of which seems useless) just makes it annoying to read through. It isn't deep or complex, it doesn't affect much, it's just annoying.

Overall, I prefer the style and gameplay of Civ 5. Hopefully patches and expansions will remedy this over time, but it's been year since release, and it still isn't as fun (for me) compared to Civ 5.
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Keeper of the Goat Eggs Nov 4, 2017 @ 4:08am 
Personally I like it, yes it may lean a little more toward casual gaming, but that because the "epic gamers" are literally impossible to satisfy, that said this game can still be challenging at times.

As for the builders, China builders start with an extra charge i believe, then build th epyramids and they get another, that puts us at 5, then use the policy that gives them +2 which comes a bit early and there you have a builder with 7 charges, I like that. Only reason I really like the charge system is back in previous Civ games I always just put them on auto and forgot, next thing you know I had 20+ builders just hanging out doing nothing, this way when their usefullness is gone so are they.

I find your views valid, but probably from a different type of gamer then myself.