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Team Fortress 2
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I am one of the most successful TF2 traders known to the community. Retired and fully cashed out. I voice act, middle man, commentate, can record gameplay, edit videos and clips, and in general am a good person to reach out to for business inquiries. I've made $20,000 USD total from TF2.

- Everything is always for sale.
- I will not trade with you if you are a scammer or obvious scammer alt. I do background checks.
- I do not give away free items, gamble, or take part in raffles. Any group invites will be declined. Failure to follow these rules will result in a block and or removal.
- Any conversations you have with me can be recorded or shared at my discretion unless you ask me of otherwise.

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22 Hours played
If you like Minecraft you'll love this game. Action packed survival game that isn't easy unless you're a very experienced player. Think of it as a less casual Minecraft.

Fun interactions with animals, difficult boss battles in Don't Starve Together and Reign of the Giants. Unique survival aspects that aren't seen in other games. I myself have put lots of time into Don't Starve Together, which is a more challenging version of this. I'd suggest you learn the basics here before attempting to play multi player.

You'll find yourself laughing, crying, and raging all at the same time.
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Some may call you weird for caring about hats with particle effects, simply scoff at them for not understanding the unusually unique person you are.

Created in Adobe Illustrator CS4.
1,321 ratings
Created by - Yarbskoo and Rurouni Sonic
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TheGreenArrow Apr 21 @ 12:58am 
unfortunately no one cares about sharks anymore (except for me since I self admitted to it.)
TheGreenArrow Jan 28 @ 3:54pm 
wp bomber
#makegeelreplytocares Jan 22 @ 3:28pm 
UnPHOgettable Dec 7, 2017 @ 12:57am 
Hey. If you’re interested, I’ve got a Craft #61 Federal Casemaker. Hit me up with an add or a trade if you want, thanks.