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Teflu   Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
Ich beiße dich nicht, noch nicht:savagepatrick:
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Hex: Choke Me Wesker Nov 23 @ 1:41pm 
-rep garbage survivor that let his mates die on hook, get good garbage can
Red Sundowner Nov 23 @ 1:39pm 
-rep should be playing single player games instead of dbd where he doesn't help, headass
FightingFerns Aug 22 @ 9:37am 
good at genning right behind second hook player while killer is far away busy. Letting injured ppl take hit instead of taking one fully healed herself. in other words -rep team player
McShniggn Jul 28 @ 9:11am 
+real good team player, carried me through multiple games, thanks man :first_star:
c0kesta Jul 28 @ 4:20am 
-rep awful team player
Daddy Kuro Apr 5 @ 11:09am 
Sehr nice Füße. Daumen nach links oben :Asukathumbsup: