Begging for stuff is one way to hell for you sir.
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Teemo's List Of Everything
Yes, I am the one and only real TeemoTheScientist, HUZZAH!

How to confirm that you're not on an impersonators profile:
Self-made Blapature Co medal
A ton of genuine medals from ETF2L and UGC

Q:Can I add you?
A:Join my Discord if you'd like to chat with me.

Or support me on Patreon for a spot :v

Q:Can I join your games?
A:I often go offline while recording, so feel free to jump in if I'm playing Team Fortress 2, other games, no.

Q:Does your name come from League Of Legends?
A:ABSOLUTEEEEELY NOT. It's from Age of Mythology and I've been using this nickname for more than 10 years.

Q:What Recording/Editing Software do I use?
A:Dxstory for recording and Sony Vegas Pro 11 for editing, also I livestream with OBS.

Q:What is your computer specs and your equipment?
A:I dont know anything about computers. ._.

Q:Can I be a moderator in your streams/be your SFM artist?
A:Refer to my Steam Group for applications.

Q:Can you sign this for me?
A:Provided you have a Gift wrap yeah, sure.

Q:How can i submit Fanart?
A:Tag me on Twitter with it.


I don't accept stuff that means alot to you, I can't take things that are important to you since I will both feel bad and most likely won't use it, 99% of the time I use my regular loadout.

Trade offer link:

Competitive Experience (Fine I'll write one):

Retired after S 13 HL ETF2L due to university.

Season 7 - HL ETF2L - Div6 - Team Bo - Main Pyro - Literally last place
Season 16 - HL UGC - Iron - Turbine Maintenance - Main Pyro - 4th place
Season 18 - HL UGC - Iron - United Koala Club - Main Pyro - 3rd place
Season 24 - 6s ETF2L - Open - ok - Sub Medic - 11th place
Season 19 - HL UGC - Steel - United Koala Club - Main Pyro - 9th place
Season 3 - HLO ETF2L - pandasareredandcute - Main Pyro - 3rd place
Season 20 - HL UGC - Silver - ENGLANDA - Sub Pyro - 1st Place
Season 9 - 4s UGC - Steel - Banterados - Main Medic/Pyro - 3rd Place
Season 11 - HL ETF2L - Open - Medpicking Medic - Main Pyro - 11th place
Season 21 - HL UGC - Plat - ENGLANDA - Sub Pyro - Left Week 4
Season 21 - HL UGC - Silver - Double Upload - Sub Pyro - 8th place
Season 23 - 6s UGC - Plat - SoGayLight - Main Medic - 7th place
Season 10 - 4s UGC - Silver - Banterados - Main Medic - 8th place
Season 12 - HL ETF2L - Mid - Medpicking Medic - Main Pyro - 15th place
Season 1 - 6s ETF2L - Fresh Meat Challenge - PubClub - Buddy
Season 24 - 6s UGC - Plat - SoGayLight - Main Medic - Dropped week 5 - 3-1
Season 11 - 4s UGC - Silver - Banterados - Main Medic - Dropped week 5 - 2-2
Season 27 - 6s ETF2L - Low - D1SCORD - Sub Medic - Dropped
Season 13 - HL ETF2L - Open - az can't make thurs - Main Medic - Dropped

Various mercing experiences in Silver officials and scrims for HL
Various mercing experiences in Gold scrims for HL

I played like 1 mix, it was boring
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G1 Jul 13 @ 4:21am 
teemo is cool :balloon:
Harry Rezn Jun 30 @ 9:30am 
Hello fellow goy, would you be interested in my shekels? They're up for sell
TTS Jun 19 @ 2:11am 
Manual scammers in 2018 omegalul
Messiah Jun 18 @ 10:33pm 
Hi, I see you have many useless craftable TF2 items So I can give one of my hats for all of them.
Check my profile (link in bio) and send me steam trade offer if its ok for you. Thanks for attention!
✪Classy✪ Jun 8 @ 5:44am 
Ayy I have your signed merryweather
PowerPuff May 27 @ 4:19am