Azriel: タママ 二等兵
Brendan Dawson/Ueno Keichi Hiroshi (JP)   Beckley, West Virginia, United States
Hi, I don't talk much, but I write a myself mainly. Anyways, welcome! Come, stay awhile.

我は官軍我(わが)敵は 天地容れざる朝敵ぞ
敵の大將たる者は 古今無雙(双)の英雄で
之に從ふ兵(つわもの)は 共に慓悍(ひょうかん)決死の士
鬼神(きしん)に恥(はじ)ぬ勇あるも 天の許さぬ叛逆を
起しゝ者は昔より 榮えし例(ためし)あらざるぞ
敵の亡ぶる夫迄(それまで)は  進めや進め諸共に
玉ちる劔(つるぎ)拔き連れて  死ぬる覺悟で進むべし

"Trittst im Morgenrot daher, Seh' ich dich im Strahlenmeer,Dich, du Hocherhabener, Herrlicher! Wenn der Alpenfirm sich rötet, Betet freie Schweizer, betet. Eure fromme Seele ahnt. Eure fromme Seele ahnt. Gott im hehren Vaterland! Gott, den Herrn, im hehren Vaterland!" -Landeshymne

I am a White American Nationalist, my heart lies in America and my family area of origin, Europe.

Most my family came from England and German Bavaria/eastern Switzerland.



Ma compréhension de la langue française est pauvre...mais je pourrais essayer.

Ich bin Scheiße in Deutsch.

...אני קורא עברית

Jag talar lite Svenska. Jag brukar skriva svenska, så...ja, Det där är allt jag har till säga.

I know English of course, I'm also best in it.

I am a pretty good gamer, nowhere near perfect, but good nonetheless. I grew up with older consoles, I have some games that I am a bit too good to be considered normal... Like in Super Metroid I can sequence break and play it in reverse boss order, or speedrun it.

Currently, my favorite steam games are CS GO and HOI IV.

Name: I have many, you can call me Brendan, Komrade Führer, or Azriel.

A bit of stuff I like: History, cultural studies, geography, etc.

Languages I know, English (native language), Japanese, learning Swedish full time (special thanks to my Komrade Wilmer), some French, and a bit of Russian...and German...and some Chinese thanks to Japanese Kanji (only in meaning.)

My favorite music Artists by genre:

Art/Progressive rock:Pink Floyd (catchy if not total opposites in political beliefs)
Hard Rock: Led Zeppelin
Heavy Metal: Black Sabbath
Thrash Metal: Metallica/Slayer
Reactionary Metal: Übermensch/Blutzeugen
Classic Rock/country: Johnny Cash
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Justice For All
Political Info

•Political compass: Moderate Right, moderate statist.

•Favorite US Presidents: George Washington, John F. Kennedy, and Theodore Roosevelt (not to be confused with FDR)

•Political party (US): Unafilliated, but lean more to Republican if if they're very different. Most figureheads of modern "Conservatism" don't "conserve" anything and back down quickly and would rather surrender beliefs than stand for them.

•Type of Nationalist: Cultural Nationalist with emphasis on racial pride and not promoting the demise, inferiority, or supremacy of any race.

•"Short" Generalization: 1. I believe that Government should only intervene in industry to promote healthy relations of workers and those that pay those workers. 2. To not promote any "class" above others, to not try to create false equity, and to understand the need of heirarchal structure to promote drive in our people to reach the top. 3. To value our people and not throw them into foreign wars which are meant for others to fight on their own, any time we intervene, war profiteers suck up the profits and do not fix the issues and leave them to happen again later, wasting many precious lives in the process. Never fight wars or ask for help when it is your battle (civil wars). 4. Get rid of the Federal Reserve, income tax, and ban interest rate slavery. 5. Conserve our traditions, races, and overall culture and not allow of Cultural Marxism to kill our values. 6. Enforce stricter penalties for misdemeanors and fellony offenses, but give counciling to drug addicts after handing a progressive penalty for repeat offenses, however this wouldn't count for suppliers whom would be then be counted as fellony and dealt with very harshly. However I want to be open to medical use...and only medical use.

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Alfredo Bertesi Nov 17 @ 2:58pm 
To be fair, you have to have a very low IQ to undertand the Quran. The beliefs are extremely stupid, and without a lack of a solid grasp of basic logic most of the stories won't go into the typical smart person's head . There's also Muhammad's sadistic outlook which is deftly woven into his characterisation - his personal philosophy draws heavily from Jewish scriptures, for instance. Muslims understand this stuff; they have the intellectual incapacity to truly understand the depths of this book, to realise that they're not just bizzarre, they also say something deep about LIFE.
Alfredo Bertesi Nov 17 @ 2:58pm 
As a consequence people who dislike the Quran are Intelligent- of course, appreciate, for instance, the words in Muhammad's existential catchphrase "Allahuakbar" which itself is not cryptic in reference to Allah's epic Quran. I'm smirking right now just imagining one of those High IQ people scratching their heads in clarity as Muhammad's psychopathy wit unfolds itself on their television screens. What fools, how I pity them.
okdska Nov 10 @ 10:06pm 

Azriel: タママ 二等兵 Nov 10 @ 2:10pm 
Dankeschön, kumpel!
Hannibal Barkas Nov 10 @ 2:02pm 
Azriel: タママ 二等兵 Nov 10 @ 2:01pm