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Jul 5 @ 7:32pm
In topic Can you get DSFix HUD?
Originally posted by Signify:
What do you mean? The hud is the same but you can scale it down to max. 65% from main menu. The graphic style is almost the same except the font. They used the DSIII font now instead of the original. Minor change, or maybe I miss something?

DSFix had a hud option that removed the left and right hand item icons, which is good becuase I'm not blind and can SEE the items on my character.
Jul 5 @ 6:52pm
In topic Can you get DSFix HUD?
DSFix had a much MUCH better looking HUD than any Souls game has ever had. Was wondering if it could be modded into the new Remastered version.
Originally posted by S_Jake:
It's in the demo! Press all four shoulder buttons while in game to toggle between English and Japanese voices. :)

You are a legend. Thank you!
Jun 12 @ 9:02pm
In topic port vc2 and 3 as well
Jun 12 @ 9:02pm
In topic Azure Revolution PC port please!
May 31 @ 4:25pm
In topic Character face on screen
Originally posted by VanAlphen:
It's both a tribute to Doom and Quake and to get you in the mood for a classic style shooter.

If their kickstarter gets funded I wouldn't be surprised if they end up with two huds this one for the 90s gamers and a more modern one for the new kids.

It doesn't get you in the mood for anything. It looks stupid. All they have is a terrible survival mode. These guys are focused on all the wrong parts of what made 90s fps good.
May 31 @ 3:37pm
In topic Character face on screen
Originally posted by Nonamebadass:
It is a 90's shooter, just made in 2018

Half Life and Quake 2 were also 90s fps, but they knew that cringy crap wasn't cool any more and it still isn't.

Plus the character for this game is so ugly and dumb looking. His hair 100% looks like someone wiped their bumhole with his head.
May 29 @ 3:31pm
In topic Censored = no buy
May 29 @ 10:53am
In topic Censorship = no buy
Same. Lost my interest when they announced it was going to be unfixable censorship.
May 25 @ 8:07pm
In topic Character face on screen
Kind of a dumb gimmick. Was fine in Doom (93), but there's a reason that it wasn't in DOOM (2016).
May 18 @ 3:55pm
In topic Petition for Huniepop
I want this game to remain on steam
I just uninstalled and removed the licesne and reinstalled, just like it says, and the update news is still Korean.
Apr 17 @ 12:19am
In topic No dub, no buy
Good riddance.
Apr 11 @ 6:36pm
In topic Eva Jumpsuit
Originally posted by 7 year old blind girl w cancer:
Apparently the unzipped version is in the game files as a separate item. Which is downright bullsh*t.
As long as it's in the game. That and the Boss' jumpsuit are badass.

Originally posted by JHarlequin:
The jumpsuit not being customizable does seem to be a bit of a pain. The unzipped feature is far from the worst problem.

I just hope they provide some better gear choices. I hate the appearance of most of the purple gear and it doesn't even look effective. They should have worked on it better and recycled more of the stuff from the mg online that came with phantom pain.
I agree
Apr 11 @ 3:01pm
In topic Eva Jumpsuit
Originally posted by Scripter:
What did you expect?

Boobs. Plenty of other gear lets you have your boobs out.
Apr 11 @ 2:44pm
In topic Eva Jumpsuit
Why is it zipped up all the way? What the heck.
Apr 2 @ 2:34pm
In topic Official feedback thread
Hi, Jon. Not a fan of the color palette you've chosen. I don't own the game, and I'm never going to play it, but the store page screenshots are really harsh on the eyes. The bright mustard backgrounds on 3/5 of them in particular are not pleasant to look at. Regardless, I hope the best for you and your game.
Mar 31 @ 11:45am
In topic Twitch pop up window does not work
Originally posted by Cloud Seifer:
I'm having the same issue and it's driving me insane.

Oh I fixed it. Forgot to come back to this thread. Go to the game folder, and move "dxgi.dll" out of it. I just moved it to my desktop. Launch the game, do the Twitch stuff, and then put it back. Hope this works for you too.
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