Boi   Illinois, United States
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Blaze it you fools!

Former Moderator of Neonheights. 7 Year run.

A little bit about me. I main Heavy and Medic.
To everyone that dislikes heavy mains, or anyone salty that played against me.

I'm currently stationed in Germany. I'm a soldier in the US Army.

My haters got me like
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No reason to add. You get no add.
Holy hell, post a reason for adding!

:weed: I don't accept friend requests from people with less than LVL:10 profile, don't speak english, marked scammer/VAC Ban and the sort.

:weed: I do not clink links. None, at all. All with the exception of people I fully know and trust. So if you send me a link about a youtube video or a funny picture. Please understand it's not that I don't like you or care to look at it. I'm severly paranoid about phishing links and the such. So please, don't get mad at me when I decline to look at said link.

At the end of the day, I'm here to have fun. If you're salty, please add a comment for the wall.
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Aqua Jun 1 @ 9:07am 
+rep 'tis what makes this game great, the honour were mine friend! 'til next time! :demoticon:
Baked. Mar 24 @ 12:45pm 
+rep great player :)...and me if you want to play
verd Jan 18 @ 4:57pm 
please sell me your morning glory capo's capper linkara epic hat for 55 keys.
_222 Aug 28, 2020 @ 7:42pm 
[Peter 🌏 is 👑 talking ⛳ in 📕 his 🍧 sleep] 🐊 Peter: 🥞 Oh, 💗 Jenny... ⚡ ooh, 🚘 Jenny, 🌸 Ooh, 🥗 Jenny 📀 don't 🍆 stop... 🐠 Oh, 🥒 Richard 💄 Jeni, 😺 your 💎 HBO 👽 comedy 👑 specials 🐳 have 🎈 brought 🎍 laughter 🥞 to 🎫 millions. 🔋 And 💃 what 🐛 a 👹 sweet 💙 ass.
Pistol Aug 19, 2020 @ 7:03pm 
box foy