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Explore at least 50% of a mission area before setting up your HQ in survival.
Unlocked Mar 6 @ 11:35am

Something Useful

Use 250 consumables
Unlocked Mar 5 @ 2:10pm


Fire 2 miniguns at the same time nonstop for 15 seconds.
Unlocked Aug 6 @ 9:59am

Beam Me Up

No need for Scotty here. Make 101 rift jumps.
Unlocked Mar 5 @ 8:32am

Ashley Phone Home

Build your first Communications Hub in the campaign or the survival mode.
Unlocked Oct 15, 2021 @ 9:32am

Get off my Lawn

You really want to keep it clean. Destroy 10 000 destructibles.
Unlocked Mar 5 @ 8:32am

I know Kung-Fu

Use skills 500 times.
Unlocked Mar 6 @ 10:44am


Unlocked Mar 5 @ 8:54am

I'll do it myself...

Get your hands dirty! Kill 500 aliens with Mr Riggs' bare hands.
Unlocked Jul 28 @ 10:50am

Strip mining

Leave nothing behind. Extract at least 75% of resource veins in any map.
Unlocked Mar 5 @ 8:46am

Horrible Person

You are a horrible person! Exterminate 1000 neutral creatures.
Unlocked Apr 15 @ 9:40am

The Treasure Hunter

No stone unturned. Find at least 75% of hidden underground treasures on any map.
Unlocked Apr 2 @ 12:16pm

Swiss Bank Account

Create enough storage for 50 000 carbonium.
Unlocked Aug 3 @ 9:27am

AI driven

Simultaneously own over 100 AI cores.
Unlocked Oct 15, 2021 @ 9:41am

All that Glitters

Simultaneously mine every resource type in the game.
Unlocked Apr 15 @ 12:29pm

Inspector Gadget

Have all the available upgrade, consumable and weapon slots filled.
Unlocked Apr 2 @ 3:22pm

Queen Bee

I am the swarm. Have 50 drones of any kind active at the same time.
Unlocked Apr 15 @ 12:25pm

Run Robot Run!

Run 21 097 meters.
Unlocked Mar 6 @ 10:37am

The Great Wall of Galatea 37

Build 21 196 meters worth of walls.
Unlocked Jul 9 @ 6:24am

Looking for a Perfect House

Build an outpost on 4 different biomes in campaign mode.
Unlocked Jul 9 @ 8:10am

Investing in Liquid Assets

Build 1500 pipe segments.
Unlocked Apr 16 @ 12:59pm

All Seeing Eye

Nothing gets by you. Cover at least 75% of any map with radar coverage.
Unlocked Apr 2 @ 11:43am


Kill 50 000 hostile creatures.
Unlocked Apr 11 @ 8:43am

Final Form

Equip every single weapon slot for Mr. Riggs with extreme variant gear.
Unlocked Aug 6 @ 9:16am

Walk in the Park

Vacation on Galatea 37 complete! Finish the campaign or the survival mode.
Unlocked Apr 24 @ 6:17am

Forbidden Knowledge

Complete all research in one tech tree.
Unlocked Mar 6 @ 11:20am

Book Worm

Read at least 75% of entries in the encyclopedia/bestiary
Unlocked Apr 17 @ 7:49am

Gold Digger

Open 10 metallic bioanomalies.
Unlocked Jul 23 @ 11:49am


Kill 500 Flurians.
Unlocked Sep 7 @ 8:38am

Mighty Morphin' Tower Rangers

Build 50 Morphium Towers.
Unlocked Aug 6 @ 9:35am

No Water? No Problem!

Transfer 5000 of any liquid through compressor/decompressor.
Unlocked Jul 21 @ 12:09pm

Death Metal

Finish survival or story on metallic biome.
Unlocked Aug 6 @ 12:21pm

Leaving Empty Handed

Mr. Riggs

Going Green

Complete any Survival by building only Solar, Wind, Biomass or Geothermal powerplants.


Build an Extreme Quality Sword and fully mod it with 3 Extreme mods.