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:scx_pakeball::lennyface::steamsalty::lenny::showit::theLenny:!!!TROLL TRADES WILL LIKELY BE BLOCKED INSTANTLY!!!:theLenny::showit::lenny::steamsalty::lennyface::scx_pakeball:

My trades ARE NOT instant, you can blame BP.tf for putting the lightening symbol on my trades.
4/30/18 - My bot is currently down and I don't have time to fix it, so trades may be delayed. Sorry!

My Backpack [backpack.tf]
My Marketplace [marketplace.tf] - Backpack View [backpack.tf]
My Trade Link

I can also sell everything for $$ via SCM, Marketplace.tf, or Paypal. Fees are negotiable.
You go first unless you have significantly more trust than me.

Got Spells? I buy, sell, and trade spells!
I am a Spectral Spectrum collector!
My spell collection [www.tf2tools.net](note: not every spell is for sale!)
I have a few pretty rare spells that I am proud of:
Double Spelled Strange Festive Backburner: 1 of 10 (sold 8/31/18 to n_n )
Double Spelled Unique Iron Bomber: 1 of 4 (sold 9/5/18 to darkwingduck )
Exorcism Unique Crossing Guard: 1 of 5
Unique Spectral Spectrum + Voices Mr. Juice: 1 of 1

I also collect Sky Captains. I currently own:
Level 4: I bought from Valve as a noob.
Level 14: Putrescent Pigmentation/Headless Horsehoes
Level 15: Indubitably Green + Chromatic Corruption
Level 17: Spectral Spectrum/Voices From Below
Level 18: Die Job
Level 23: Team Spirit + Spectral Spectrum
Level 71: Craft #63
Also have the craft #63 Aviator Assassian, ironically enough it is level 17.

I am ALWAYS buying ANY and ALL Steam Trading Cards, backgrounds, emoticons, and gems for TF2 metal!
Trading Cards: 2 Scrap
Backgrounds: 1 Scrap
Emoticons: 1 Scrap
50 Gems: 1 Scrap

I ALSO buy Robo Parts!
Reinforced: 2 for 1 Scrap
Battle-Worn: 1 Scrap
Pristine: 2 Scrap
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TF2 bet want to sponsor you, for channel
Chef Hatchet Jul 14 @ 12:02am 
Hello I’m adding to ask if you would be willing to sell your Robin
Sheep Mar 29 @ 11:10pm 
Added for the strange festive rocket launcher
Clagger Dec 1, 2021 @ 1:43am 
Added for charmer
icydior Nov 18, 2021 @ 7:59am 
intersted in your charmers willing to pay in keys please add me back so we can discuss
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