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Posted: Mar 7, 2017 @ 3:36pm

So... I am new to CS:GO. Yes. I have less then 120 hours.

When I first played rank, I got highest tear Silver. idk what that is. Masters? So after a few games with trolls, I ended up silver 3, and im now like... silver 4. I main the XM1014, 2 flashes, a incenderary and a smoke. Both sides. This information is just to give you guys a general understanding of my experience.

My Headset is a Logitech G930. It is super nice and comfy, and blocks out a lot of noise. The microphone is noise canceling ( yada yada yada ).

If playing on Dust II and I am in palace ( upper tunnels ) I can hear a player running on catwalk. Or if I am on catwalk, I can hear the small little beeping of someone planting a bomb on B site. I can hear the smallest things sometimes. It happens in other games, and it happens in CS:GO.

In game, A lot of people when playing with me ask " Why you looking at the ground. " " Why don't you have your shotgun at head level ". My answer is always, I am listening. For some odd reason, I hear the enemy through walls better, if my Characters ear, is facing the wall in question. So if they are in upper tunnels, and I am outside on B site, I hear better if I am parallel to the wall, then looking at the opening.

I have been told, it doesnt work in this game. This game doesn't have ( directional sound systems? ) good sound systems. It is very simple and plain. I mean, its a fair argument, but no one has flat out told me why or given me evidence. I know there are games where if an enemy shoots, and you turn around, the sound changes between headphone speakers. In some games, it doesn't. If it is shot on your left side, and you turn, it stays on the left because it registered there.

Are my listening methods... plausible? In real life, if you are on one side of a wall, and you put your ear to it, you can hear things on the other side better. I know CS:GO isn't real life, but It seems to be my only reasoning to this.

Suppose this isn't true and you think I am ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥tting though. Is there an article about the sound system in CS:GO that explains it? And why is it that I can do it? Or is it that maybe I have fooled myself into thinking its true because It feels like other games and I just go with it?

I would love some input on this discussion, please. Overall good game /10 +
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