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reminder : greet everyday with over Depression
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Name: Eastblood :axesword:

Surname: it doesn't matter

Age: 15 :Grineer: 16 in ......

Job: PixelArtist , GIF/Animation maker , Student (whatevs.)

Games i play : 1. Warframe :Excalibur: 2. Team Fortress 2 :csgogun: 3. Undertale :sans: 4. Unturned :rip4real: 5. Mortal Kombat X :p2blue: 6. PaYDaY 2 :void1: 7. Realm of the Mad God :urapirate: 8. Defy Gravity :8bitbomb: 9. Earth Overclocked :csgocross:10. testin-stuff

Things i like to do: Playing Basketball :orangejelly: swimming :bluejelly: drawing/painting usually as pixel :Y: intelligence games :2017stickycrab: PC games :steambored: jokes,puns :em03:

Things i don't like: overspamming in chat , an game/trade/live stream/group.. invites without a reason, a random video/website/page link without a reason , Trading (i rarely trade),

you can invite me to be a friend in my friend list But please write a damn reason to add me


My Game Stats (random):
Genocide Total:10(finished)
Neutral Total:1
Pacisift Total :5
Genocide in a row:7 yet still goes...
Genocide no death finishes: 1 :P
Pacisift no death finishes: 3

Team Fortress 2
scout (i am still bad on him)
soldier(basically one of my favourite tryhard classes )
pyro(you're cute unknown mate)
demoman(old main class still one of my favourites)
heavy(i hate you big boy but you're ok)
engineer(even if you're my latest main i still don't overplay you :P)
medic(here comes anohter tryhard of the day)
sniper(i'm too old to aim for airshots ;) )
spy(you're good enough nothing to see)

PayDaY 2
level: V-99 (699)
unboxed : 1 red and hundred trash

You Creep me out sometimes but , i enjoy it...

Stick Fight : The Game
My Latest Favourite ...

Mortal Kombat X (XL)
Favourite Fighter : Kenshi
experienced(kenjutsu + possessed)
weak (balanced)
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Team Fortress 2
Drasun[ϟϟ] Jan 19 @ 8:27am 
+reppo $$$$
✔PoisoNGG✔ Jan 16 @ 1:20am 
{LINK REMOVED} 4 CS:GO CASES = 1 CS:GO KEY (csgotradekey . online)
MetalBucket02a.mdl Nov 18, 2017 @ 2:41am 
ur mad
Kanepe Sekiz Nov 12, 2017 @ 2:40am 
:slime1::balloon:Have a great weekend dear friend, and good luck at exams! :balloon::slime1:
Strago Aug 9, 2017 @ 3:09am 

Signed BY : :albertein: m0jika :albertein:
Kanepe Sekiz Jul 30, 2017 @ 3:46am 
Stay strong, I'm with ya. We will get over the bad things together