Dunning–Kruger effect
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Scorching Flames Hound Dog
Harvest Moon Hound Dog
Cloudy Moon Hound Dog
Sunbeams Hound Dog
Blizzardy Storm Hound Dog
Miniguns (I'm collecting)
Sunbeams Platinum Pickelhaube
Burning Flames Prussian Pickelhaube
Scorching Flames Blighted Beak
Strange Kritzkriegs
Burning Flames Texas Ten Gallon
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*Riding on the Trail of Tears*
Welcome to Radio Station E.X.P.
Go on ahead Mr. Business man, you can't dress like me.
There you go Man, Keep as Cool as you can. Face Piles of Trials with Smiles
It Riles them to believe, that you perceive the Web they Weave
And keep on thinking Free............:starsandstripes:
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The FatAss coming at ya
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Trade items and showcase items are all for trade. Pure keys only if you're interested, You can add me.
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Team Fortress 2

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Senor Stupid Nov 25 @ 11:46am 
+rep Love this guy
✪ Inzo Nov 16 @ 10:02am 
+rep really friendly guy fair prices would 100% reccomend and trading again

Yoink Oct 29 @ 7:09pm 
+rep super friendly person
Jarate Patrol Oct 22 @ 6:28pm 
+rep good man
SoloPan ⇄ Buying Cards Oct 19 @ 9:46pm 
We did this, +Rep :fortsiba::bfengineer:
Cupcake Oct 15 @ 5:53pm 
Great trader and an even better human being! Very patient and understanding with good style, thanks brother! ++rep