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Közzétéve: 2016. jún. 14., 20:50
Frissítve: márc. 16., 17:44

This is my fourth revision of my review for this game, as I have been playing it since launch. Dead By Daylight is a 4 vs 1 multiplayer slasher horror title from developer Behaviour Digital Inc. and publisher Starbreeze Studios. Originally released in June, 2016, my initial review at that time said that this game would be dead in a couple of months, but boy was I wrong. Turns out, this game is alive and well almost three years later and it continues to grow with every new DLC that's churned out.

The general gameplay consists of 4 Survivors trying to outwit 1 Killer and escape into the night. On the Survivor side, you can achieve your goal by fixing a set number of generators, which power the exit door, and then by opening the door itself. As the Killer, your ultimate goal is to, of course, stop as many survivors as possible from escaping. You do this by chasing, hitting, and downing them, then hanging them on a hook. Survivors can free each other of hooks, but once hooked a third time they're out of the game. There are also an abundance of perks, add-ons, and offerings that each side can bring to either hinder the other side, or help themselves and their teammates. New varieties of each of these are added with each new DLC/Chapter expansion as well.

Over the last three years, almost all of my initial complaints have been ironed out. Survivors are no longer able to maintain infinite loops, and the few that are left are easily counterable with some basic Killer know-how, along with the aid of the somewhat recently added Bloodlust mechanic that automatically triggers to make Killers move faster if a chase has gone on for too long. The infinite Killer lobbies are few and far between. Also, I haven't found that there are any places in a map that a survivor can crawl to when downed to prevent me from getting them to a hook anymore. With all of that said, this is the type of game that will always and eternally have new glitches and problems associated with it; such as enormous hitboxes that shouldn't exist. However, at this current point there's nothing that's so broken that it makes the game unbearable to play.

The biggest annoyance with Dead by Daylight is still its toxic environment; Survive with Friends meme groups, in particular. These people easily deter new Killers by making absurd offerings that stack, such as 4 less hooks in the game, and they engage in bully-style gameplay while using programs like Discord to communicate and have an extremely high advantage. For a game that was created with the intent of not being able to speak to one another once the game actually begins, it's frustratingly futile to say the least. That said, there are Survive with Friends groups that do not behave this way, but they are exceedingly rare. On the flip side, Killers that circle hooked Survivors and/or tunnel them are equally as bad, not fun, and toxic to play against. The end-game salt is unbelievable in a lot of cases, and it's rare to meet players that don't have anything that's over-the-top awful to say to you. In short, if you don't have thick skin, you're best off not playing this game.

At the end of the day, if you enjoy multiplayer 4v1 and can put up with horrible people, Dead by Daylight might be your game. It's fun to come back to again and again, but everytime you do come back you'll always be reminded of why you quit in the first place. The gameplay manages to be highly addictive and hard to quit, much like heroin and cigarettes, so good luck getting anything else done once you do start playing. Additionally, there's new DLC that comes out at least twice a year, generally that consists of a new Survivor, a new Killer, and a new map, plus all new perks, offerings, and add-ons. There are also various events and weekends that give extra Bloodpoints (in-game currency spent to acquire levels and perks).

Rating: 4.0/5.0 - Excellent, highly worth playing.
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