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Welcome to the Slaughter.

*If I am listed as "In VR", don't expect a response.
**If I screwed you in DBD, I'm sorry.
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Owner/Sole Operator of The Horror Network and The VR Network .

Often imitated, never duplicated. If it's not labeled by me personally (reviews, guides), it's not created by or written by me!

Hello there, you can call me Embalmer . I'm generally a pretty laid back person, and my heart is in providing unbiased reviews, writing achievement guides, as well as building communities. I'm not big on multiplayer games since I just don't have the time to sink in to them with everything else I have on the go. I'm always available for Q&A, and I take constructive feedback in to account for all my endeavors.

I will always out a scam developer, but I'll never blow the whistle on something that I'm not 100% certain of being a total scam.

:horns: Death, Black, Doom Metal.
:horns: Cattle Decapitation.
:horns: Tech enthusiast.
:horns: Horror and Gore obsessed.
:horns: Insomniac. Perma-tired. Coffee for blood.
:horns: Nihilistic, but happy.

I Will Not Add You If:
:csgox: You have a VAC or game ban.
:csgox: You've been on Steam for less than a year.*
:csgox: Your profile is under level 20.*
* Unless you're a Developer.

I Will Remove You If:
:csgox: You beg for games, money, or items.
:csgox: You're close-minded, rude, bigoted, racist, sexist, or otherwise discriminatory.
:csgox: You manage to tick me off.
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Welcome to the Slaughter
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