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TL-DR - Rocket League is a great game for both the casual and serious gamer it is well worth the price even more so if it is on sale. Buy it while you still can on Steam!

If you don't have a lot of time to play games and are looking for something casual and quick to get into Rocket League is a great game to spend 15-20 minutes on here or there and get off again. Low skill floor for entry, and an extreme ceiling to reach for. Rocket League is great for the casual gamer.

Doesn't sound like you? More serious gamer? Well there is plenty of room for you here. You can sink hours on hours into this game in training and grinding out competitive reaching for the highest rank you can get before the end of the season resetting and grinding it out again. Look to professionals for inspiration such as SquishyMuffinz, JSTN, Kaydop, Kronovi, Drippay and many more.

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