church of the badger
if u aint talked to me in a while and changed ur name tell me who u are or i wont know
dont add me without commenting why or telling my why in a game
dont be a retard and add me if ur only going try scam me dont even bother, its not fucking hard to tell who is tradeing and who is scamming

have you been hurt, fallen and can't get up, ever served food by an australian, hi i'm gruncle bager and i'm here with this brand new product the robotic badger lawer, call out free servaces for 4.99€ a minute as YOU could be owed millions (of cents)

My name is badger
You will call me badger or i will do nothing about it
So all i shal say is I am a proud irish badger
I like sabaton
I am a proud badgerist
I am the aformentioned badgerist pope
All are welcome in the badgerist group
I am a very honorable badger and dislike dishonorable life forms
I make 2d flags and wall papers, they're not very good usualy just google images and shit I draw with pixals if you want one you may ask and if i'm feelin good i'll makes you one (aslong as its not hard)

People I have known for a while say this about me

Plants 1000: Fun, honorable, awesome, and cool
Ice Gem: Idk
Chairius™: good, because you are a nice guy and i love the irish accent
ɢɴᴏ #BringAPBack: good, i first met badger of a jailbreak server called skial jailbreak (duhh). my first impression of him was like 'REEEEEE' and i fucking loved it. also cuz of dis shit:
ThatOneGamer (Smol Raccoon): Your Loveable, Friendly, Giving, And thee leader of a (Cult) Religion
John Salad: Badger was one of my first friends on steam, and one of the best, actually, Proud Leader of a Religion and a cool person allaround, add this dude rn
The Mr. Devil: Badger is my best friend. Probably the nicest dude i ever met. He was the reason i have hats in my accounts, he introduced me to trading and all out made me a very nice person by showing me the light with badgerism. +1000000000000000000000000000000000REP for this dude. Best person ever. :*)
xxXPr1CklYP3n1SXxx: good/great prolly the highest i ever gave, i dont reallyl ike people but thats why im a P3n1S and he a BaDg3R
D.j.l.lewis: Gud Soldier, Amazing Demoknight And Fun To Play With.
Mr.Sm3x | BreadFace (muted): good boi

people who may or maynot be real friends
the spikey whip
robit of the robits
ded boi smex ;~;

people reading/singing shit (by Hal) (by hal)
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some good music in no order + Wishlist
40:1 - sabaton
winged hussars - sabaton
to hell and back - sabaton
resist and bite - sabaton
white death - sabaton
panserkamf - sabaton
shiroyama - sabaton
primo victoria - sabaton
night witches - sabaton
blood of bannockburn - sabaton
upriseing - sabaton
sparta - sabaton
(and basicly everything else made by sabaton)
smells like teen spirits - nivarna
come as you are - nivarna
bohimian rapsody - queen
we will rock you - queen
dont stop me now - queen
radio gaga - queen
i want to break free - queen
Take on me - a-Ha
africa - toto
The Sound of Silence - simon and garfunkle
Bring me to life (wake me up inside) - evanscence (non meme version)
welcome to the jungle - guns n roses
o sweet child of mine - guns n roses
knockin on heavans door - guns n roses
highway to hell - AC/DC
thunderstruck - AC/DC
Stop Children What's That Sound - Buffalo Springfield
paint it black - rolling stone
down under - men at work
sweet home alabama - lynrd sknyrd
hurt - johny cash
saftey dance - men without hats

Modic Mans:
Prof/Spec Ks Strange Uber Saw
Strange Ks (Any tier) Aussie Medigun
Normal/Strange Burly Beast
(Only Rly Want 1 of These Unu)
Cloud 9 Physician's Protector
Blizzardy Storm Gentleman's Ushanka
Blizzardy Storm Field Practice
Cloud 9 Heer's Helmet
Or Another Smexy Unu

Strange Ks (Any tier) Aussie Black Box
Prof Ks Strange Whip (The Disiplinary Action) - given by best man alive, smex
Taunt: The Fubar Fanfare
Strange Cold Snap Coat

Taunt: Bad Pipes
Prof Ks Strange Eye Lander
Circling Peace Sign Sultan's Ceremonial

Giger Counter [/stike] given to me by the people known as herp
Strange Ks (Any) Jag

Any Taunt I Havnt Mentioned/Dont Have
Blizzardy/Stormy Storm Woolen Warmer/Orbating planets brown box car bomber
Always Like MVM Tickets

(look at steam wishlist if u maybe wunt to git game insted for me) (butt don't feel like you have to get me anythinggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg)
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