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Jotaro Kujo Jul 9 @ 2:13pm 
ur fursona is visually abhorrent, is it a dolphin horse hybrid with trisomy 21 and fetal alcohol syndrome? I’m not even kidding, it’s not even remotely aesthetically appealing. So don’t get it twisted by thinking I’m unfollowing out of some love for your non-shark fursona, I’m un
Jotaro Kujo Jul 9 @ 2:12pm 
Every day I wake up from a lucid nightmare of suffering, loneliness and agonizing depression. This is the only thing I dream about because suffering, loneliness, and depression is all I know. The dream is so real and repetitive that the line between reality and the dream has fazed from existence. I try to kill myself. But god won't hear me scream. Every time I commit suicide, ignorant faggots save me and rush me to a hospital. This isn't a meme, this is an actual cry for help.
Jotaro Kujo Jul 9 @ 2:11pm 
Sorry fellas, only people with an IQ of 450+ will get this card instantly. I, Mr. DickTwitchAsshole have 47 PhDs and am nearly finished in my hyper-Antiproton Decelorator device. This will allow me to create dark matter at least 72.5% faster then CERNS Antiproton Decelerator device, which is approx. 72.5% slower. You are talking to the first (future) trillionare.
Jotaro Kujo Jul 9 @ 2:10pm 
After I tasted a delicious Nintendo switch cartridge I was addicted. I went on the black market just to find them. I’ve spent 30k just on the cartridges. I realized eating the entire thing would be more delicious. My shit is rock solid. My doctors say I have a problem. I can’t help myself. I must eat Nintendo Switch cartridges
Jotaro Kujo Jul 9 @ 2:10pm 
I'll admit when you listen to the first few lyrics of the song, hatsune miku sounds really selfish and conceited. I was about to close the video down and stop listening to her song when I realized what she really meant. She just wanted to be noticed by the boy she loves. She wants him to be her knight in shinning armor. She wants him to see her as the princess of the world and she wants him to be her prince of the world. It's an awefully cute song once you fully understand the meaning.
Jotaro Kujo Jul 9 @ 2:08pm 
fellas is it gay to exist under capitalism? you mean to tell me rich old white men are snatching the fruits of my labor? fruits? idk bro sound a little spicy too me