Pennsylvania, United States
Mediocre dbd comp player, occasional streamer and aspiring comedian

Strong Montage:

Killer main for Team Arctic Wolves and captain of 4 Dwights 1 Locker
Sub Roster For Team Shrouded and Astral
Former player for Da Babys, Legacy, We Overslept, HDWGH, Team Solo Q

Favorite Killers: Twins, Huntress, Executioner, Hag, Deathslinger
Favorite Survivors: Jeff, Elodie, Detective Tapp, Jonathan Byers
Favorite Maps: Dead Dawg Saloon, Azarovs Resting Place and Wreckers Yard

Song im jamming to this Week:


4th Place: South East Asia Official DBD Cup #1 (Arctic Wolves)
5th Place: South East Asia Offical DBD Cup #2 (Arctic Wolves)
5th Place: North American Official DBD Cup #4 (4 Dwight's 1 Locker)
2nd Place: Entity's Arena Season 1 (Arctic Wolves)
1st Place: Frozzard's Darkness Tournament (Arctic Wolves)
2nd Place: Champions Of The Fog League Season 0 (4 Dwight's 1 Locker)
2nd Place Slugfest Tournament (4 Dwight's 1 Locker)
1st Place: H-A-D 2nd Monthly Charity Tournament For The Joyful Heart Foundation (4 Dwight's 1 Locker)
1st Place: Griffins DBD Tournament (4 Dwight's 1 Locker)
2nd Place: Trickster Gauntlet Tournament (4 Dwight's 1 Locker)
4th Place: Dearly Departed Tournament 1 (4 Dwight's 1 Locker)
1st Place: Die By The Fog Tournament (Shrouded)
2nd Place: Mori-In Tourney (Live Laugh Love)
3rd Place: FreshCut's $1000 DBD Tournament (Solo Survivor/Killer)
1st Place: Average Gamers 1st Annual Bloodpoint Tournament (Solo Survivor/Killer)
4th Place: Average Gamers 2nd Annual Bloodpoint Tournament (Solo Survivor/Killer)
1st Place: CMSA Bloodpoint Brawl (Solo Survivor/Killer)
1st Place: Bloodletting Tourney X (Solo Survivor)
2nd Place: Bloodletting Tourney VII (Solo Survivor)
4th Place: Bloodletting Tourney VII (Solo Survivor)
1st Place: Spirit Gauntlet Tournament (Solo Killer)
3x 1st Place: Saturslays (Solo Killer)
1st Place: SFAC July 2022 Charity Tournament (Solo Killer)
Currently In-Game
The Texas Chain Saw Massacre Technical Test
Artwork Showcase
Da Victor

Recent Activity

4,570 hrs on record
last played on May 28
0.0 hrs on record
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17.4 hrs on record
last played on May 24
Occidere May 26 @ 8:55pm 
-rep camping and tunneling when is not on live
Murphsican May 21 @ 12:17pm 
Very pog
demon time May 15 @ 8:18pm 
+rep good bubba
Lil Chipo May 14 @ 8:25pm 
+rep hunky billy man without the fat ego that most billy players carry nowadays. goodluck in your matches you chad :er_heart:
Shining Bird May 14 @ 6:56pm 
+ rep very good Detective Tapp :D
Stinky Mar 26 @ 8:25am 
cool wesker