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Adam and Eve appear to have done it, the Romans enjoyed it very much on their 40 years lasting journey through the desert, the Jews enjoyed it... And then in the early middle ages, the noble art of swaffeling was lost. Many feared that the swaffel phenomenon had been taken away forever from mankind, however, on a booze-holiday in The Netherlands a group of Sjengen rediscovered swaffeling, and even perfected it! Since then I was known as 'SwaffelSmurf'.
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Wow! This is probably the best game I've ever played. The story about Amicia and Hugo de Rune is quite memorable. The characters are very realistic. Hugo is a child and needs to be protected for the guards, while Rodric is a big man who can take out heavily armored guards. The game is a little bit short. I played 15 hours in total, but I think it is possible to complete the game in less then 10 hours. Since I got this one in a nice bundle together with Greedfall it is definitely worth the money.

The game will save automatic. When you wan't to get all the collectibles that can be frustrating. When you walk a little bit to far the game saves automatically and there is no way to return for collectibles. The only way would be to restart the chapter.

It's not very interesting to replay the story when your done with the game. There is no different storyline depending on the choices you make. It feels more like a tv-show/movie since the story is very strong. Also the soundtrack is amazing!

The combat system could be better, more like the Assassin's Creed-games. It is very simplistic, through the chapters you learn some new abilities to use.

- Very strong story;
- Story is quite emotional;
- Soundtrack is amazing;

- The game is quite short (+/- 10 hours gameplay);
- Autosave will make it hard to get collectibles;
- You probably won't play the game a second time;
- Combat system is simplistic;

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