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I'm surprised that I still haven't written a review of this game yet.

It's a great game; in my opinion the most polished Wargame of the series. Although European Escalation has the superior campaign. Scripted campaigns (European Escalation) are a lot more fun to play than a sandbox-y campaign where you play against an extremely predictable AI on rezoned multiplayer maps (AirLand Battle and Red Dragon).

Wargame's always been an RTS with greater focus on force composition and positioning rather than micromanagement. Deathballing that you typically see in Starcraft/Command and Conquer does not work here. Your forces have to be spread out, ready to support eachother, and be able to take their objectives on the map.

The force you deploy in multiplayer is your "deck", which you build not unlike decks in popular card games such as Hearthstone. Select an alliance/coalition/nation, create a deck with logistics, infantry, support, aircraft, navy, tanks, and the like and deploy that deck in battle. Since the game uses a deck system, like the cards in a real life deck of cards you're limited in the number of units you can deploy. Try not to lose both your Su-27PU's in one go.

The game also places emphasis on logistics, which I have never before seen in an RTS game. All units have health, fuel value, and ammo value for EVERY weapon (including coaxial machine guns). You must sustain your forces through a well maintained logistics line. Supplies are also limited (and the amount of supply you have depends on how much supply units you've included in your deck) so use sparingly.

Combat is fairly realistic. Engagement ranges seem more plausible than in traditional RTS games (where a marine can only see and fire up to 10 feet in front of him).

The game is extremely well optimized; I was able to run it at a steady 40-60 FPS on a laptop that could only use Intel integrated graphics (albiet on medium settings). You can zoom all the way out so that you can see the entire map and your units icons, or zoom all the way in to see combat from a footman's perspective.

The naval portion is a bit gimmicky. Sure, sometimes it's fun to play with ships but the combat is not nearly as exciting or engaging as land/air combat. However, amphibious land units does open up more tactical options since you're not 100% restricted to crossing bridges or chokepoints.

As a Cold War history buff, having access to over 1400+ real life units from over a multitude of countries spanning North America, Europe, and Asia is extremely exciting as well. Even now I'm still overwhelmed at how many variants of Abrams tanks there are (M1 Abrams, M1IP Abrams, M1A1 Abrams, M1A1HA Abrams, M1A1HC Abrams, M1A2 Abrams).

I don't play this game as much nowadays, but only because I've played it almost exclusively for the past few years and it feels slightly stale to me now (although I do get on every now and then). Wargame: Red Dragon is one of the few games I've bought that has kept me entertained for so long.

A warning: this game is not meant for everyone.

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