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Jun 4 @ 6:27pm
In topic Patch 2
could you clarify the fnaf 1 night 5 fix? I am a bit confused on what that means haha
May 27 @ 6:43pm
In topic Launch Day
Originally posted by SteelWool:
Originally posted by The Ronin:
It's supposedly out in Australia rn. I don't know if it's both Steam and PSVR or what, but it's out in Australia.

Hence my comment from earlier.

It should only be out on PSVR. Hmmm.
Scott Cawthon was giving out free codes earlier today (he's not anymore so don't even try it) to certain users who emailed him :)
Originally posted by Scott:
There is actually an interesting answer to the question of who, exactly, was marking portions in red and making notes in TFF.

In the beginning, there was an idea that the book should be from the perspective of an in-universe investigator trying to solve the murders from FNaF 1. However, that scope seemed too limited and wouldn't have been able to discuss gameplay strategies, since it was an in-game character.

Then it was changed so that the perspective would be from out-of-universe member of the FNaF community, also investigating, trying to piece together the puzzle. But this would have ultimately been disappointing since the book wasn't designed to solve everything.

So then it was changed to be an in-universe online blogger trying to solve the mystery, but who had an alternate agenda and was trying to mislead readers of the book. However, this was effectively creating an in-universe character and adding to the lore, which I didn't want to do.

So, the identity of the "author" changed many times, and the underlines and red markings are the remnants of those previous characters, two in-universe, and one out. One was on a mission to solve the murders, one was on the trail to the solve the game, and one was on the trail to deliberately mislead you.
on the topic of TTF, would you say anything in the book was actually made to confirm / make theories more likely, or does it not really change much in that regard?
Jan 16, 2017 @ 10:55am
In topic No hate plz!
please stop
Originally posted by VittiDubs:
Thank you for posting this!

This is amazing! Sister Location is quickly becoming my favorite of the FNAF games, what with giving Springtrap a really creepy, cool voice and and the hope that ♥♥♥♥ will really hit the fan now that he's loose!!
no problem, ha ha
Originally posted by sur:
so it is Fazbear's Fright
Dec 1, 2016 @ 4:28pm
In topic are the minigames canon? (custom night spoilers)
Originally posted by ❄aDragonsclaw❄:
I don't want Minireenas on my face while i'm sleeping plz.
what does this have to do with this post at all
Dec 1, 2016 @ 4:25pm
In topic are the minigames canon? (custom night spoilers)
Originally posted by Erron:
Originally posted by SuperstuHD:
i've seen some pretty heated debate on this, I just hope there's a clear answer coming soon.
True, people have argued enough over weather or not The Silver Eyes is canon and we don't need another debate. -_-

So to sum it up, the minigames are canon but the actual Custom Night gameplay isn't.
I think it would be best if scott clarifies this.
Dec 1, 2016 @ 4:18pm
In topic are the minigames canon? (custom night spoilers)
Originally posted by Erron:
I think yes.
i've seen some pretty heated debate on this, I just hope there's a clear answer coming soon.
Dec 1, 2016 @ 4:14pm
In topic are the minigames canon? (custom night spoilers)
if so, this could be huge.
Nov 21, 2016 @ 6:55pm
In topic Showcase of Fanart and Fanmade Content
Originally posted by awesomeguy20068:
Originally posted by Poopet:
Originally posted by SuperstuHD:
I mean, its not really art tho

But still, im amazed by your effort.
Originally posted by Poopet:
This is amazing, really amazing, pros to you,

However, you should post this on the artwork pinned thread, since you cant create separate threads for art.
I mean, its not really art tho
Originally posted by Pepperimint (noot noot):
Good job man! How long did it take you roughly?
3 weeks to 1 month roughly
Originally posted by dewey1274:
It's funny how you didn't make it...

By mods. YOU MADE IT BY HAND!!! Good job!
thanks lmao
Originally posted by rudikennedy:
scott said beta
Originally posted by RippoMadness:
Originally posted by SuperstuHD:
how do you know?
Dawko made an announcement about beating it recently on Twitter.
that doesn't mean he got the full game, all it means is he beat the version he got.
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