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suppy, supero, gel, up to u   Fillmore, California, United States
Moderator for Jump Academy, Add me if you need help with something I guess.

Leave a comment as to why you're adding me please. I'm probably going to accept it regardless but it makes me feel cooler.

Q: What’s the Latin word supero in English? A: to be above, have the upper hand, surpass, conquer, overcome. In other words I'm a narcissist.


add me on sc if u want I'm SuperoGEL on there

*:・゚✧ https://youtu.be/sWtXCV-Y75Y ✧・゚:*

https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=135094449&token=t-_bFKNk If you need to send me a trade

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pls notice me senpai <3

im a white girl https://www.16personalities.com/infp-personality

Ego boost (WIP; ego not sufficiently boosted)

*DEAD* gtwightman : aimbot much
T.w² | SuperoGEL killed FROYO b4nny.tv with sniperrifle. (crit)
(Not the real b4nny)

"I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination." - James Dean

dwekdoggo : you will always have typos
Omni ❤ SuperoGEL ❤ : no i wnot

Poly ❤ SuperoGEL ❤ : bye coobur
Poly ❤ SuperoGEL ❤ : love you ',^)
ᵖᴷ CybuR ♥ left the game (Disconnect by user.)

11:27 PM - SlurpeeSaturday lft: literally everyone on your team is compotent
11:28 PM - SlurpeeSaturday lft: while i hvae mongaloid mcfuck mre jiggles mc fatfuck

Spark4985: yea but birthdays are important
Spark4985: its the day you were like
Spark4985: a person

Casualpooter the 3rd Nooter : gel pls
Casualpooter the 3rd Nooter : can you adopt me
[M|Slurpee's Mom]❤ SuperoGEL ❤ : sure thing

*DEAD* [D|JOJO REFERENCE] Seth : supero
[D|JOJO REFERENCE] Seth : be my mom
[M|Slurpee's Mom]❤ SuperoGEL ❤ : ight

8:53 PM - SlurpeeSaturday lft: The person who wields such a weapon will get laid every night
8:53 PM - SlurpeeSaturday lft: His penis will be so large
8:54 PM - SlurpeeSaturday lft: When he ejaculates
8:54 PM - SlurpeeSaturday lft: The heavens shall be inundated with his children
8:54 PM - SlurpeeSaturday lft: Then they shall rain from above
8:54 PM - SlurpeeSaturday lft: On all that shall defy him
8:55 PM - SlurpeeSaturday lft: The sperm will dig into his enemies flesh
8:55 PM - SlurpeeSaturday lft: Making tumors
8:55 PM - SlurpeeSaturday lft: That grow into children
8:55 PM - SlurpeeSaturday lft: That beat up the host
8:55 PM - SlurpeeSaturday lft: Into they die
8:55 PM - SlurpeeSaturday lft: And the children die as well
8:56 PM - SlurpeeSaturday lft: But their sacrifice was nit taken in vain
8:56 PM - SlurpeeSaturday lft: They slayed the beast that tormented their father

(slurpee) ï šüçk ÿœr mœm pëñįš: Us one leg niggas will rise above and kill all inferior two leg virgins

3:12 PM - ❤ SuperoGEL ❤ S< 2 unus: ur gonna get banned lol
3:13 PM - SlurpeeSaturday is now Online.
3:13 PM - SlurpeeSaturday: While i fight these foul beings read these holy wprds
3:14 PM - SlurpeeSaturday: http://theadventuresofsharkboyandlavagirl.wikia.com/wiki/The_Dream_Song

*DEAD* Julian❤ : Too much of it and Ill release everything from my balls

"I'm going to go back in time and shove a coat hanger up your mother's vagina." - Dingbat

"Girl gamuhs make the internet awful" - Italian guy that I was bullying

"Join me or I'll shit my pants." - Slurpee

$1,000 tf2 backpack - 1/7/18
2,000 hours on tf2 - 1/7/18
Endgame - 1/20/18
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Unusual History (or any other large items of value) because i'm cool as fuck:
Bubbling Copper's Hard Top (sold)
Green Confetti German Gonzila (sold)
Cloud 9 A Rather Festive Tree (sold)
Green Energy Pyro's Beanie (sold)
Green Energy Bootleg Base Metal Billycock (sold)
Miami Nights Soldier's Slope Scopers (sold)
Haunted Ghosts German Gonzila (sold)
Cloud 9 Tough Stuff Muffs + Searing Plasma Vintage Merryweather (sold)
Neutron Star Cotton Head (given away, returned, sold)
Starstorm Slumber Head Full of Hot Air (sold)
Miami Nights Sultan's Ceremonial (gift) + Smoking Hottie's Hoodie (sold)
Cloud 9 Dead Cone (sold)
Circling Heart Handymans Handle (sold)
Roboactive Pyro's Boron Beanie (sold)
Disco Beat Down Powdered Practitioner (sold)
Starstorm Slumber Human Cannonball (sold)
Holy Grail Fubar Fanfare (gift but to be sold)
Cloud 9 Well-Rounded Rifleman (sold)
Fountain of Delight Party Trick (sold)
Screaming Tiger Zoomin' Broom (sold)
Time Warp Soldier's Slope Scopers + Tesla Coil Burning Bandana (sold)
Green Black Hole Ye Olde Baker Boy (sold)
Holy Grail Party Trick (sold)
Strange Darkblaze Head Full of Hot Air (sold)
Burning Flames Little Buddy + Field-Tested Energy Orb Dead Reckoner Revolver (sold)
Cloudy Moon Dr's Dapper Topper (sold)
Battle-Scarred Isotope Turbine Torcher Flame Thrower (sold)
Circling TF Logo Killer's Kabuto (sold)
Stare From Beyond Sultan's Ceremonial (sold)
Green Confetti Heer's Helmet (sold)
Stormy Storm Chieftain's Challenge (sold)
Holy Grail The Boston Breakdance (unboxed) (sold)
Massed Flies Pyromancer's Mask (sold)
Steaming Caribbean Conqueror (sold)
Green Black Hole Broadband Bonnet (sold)
Upside Down Anti-Freeze Professional's Panama (sold)
Circling Heart Galvanized Gibus (sold)
Strange Blizzardy Storm Bonk Boy (sold)
StatTrak Karambit Fade Factory New (90/10 fade) (sold)

Roboactive Tough Stuff Muffs :pinkneonheart:

Purple Energy Well-Rounded Rifleman + Peace Sign Pyromancer's Mask + Aces High Master's Yellow Belt

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rag has renamed their The Necro Smasher to the negro smasher
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ha gud weeknd mayb?
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its ok you dont have to lie
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very nice person
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