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Unusual History (or any other large items of value) because i'm cool as fuck:
Bubbling Copper's Hard Top (sold)
Green Confetti German Gonzila (sold)
Cloud 9 A Rather Festive Tree (sold)
Green Energy Pyro's Beanie (sold)
Green Energy Bootleg Base Metal Billycock (sold)
Miami Nights Soldier's Slope Scopers (sold)
Haunted Ghosts German Gonzila (sold)
Cloud 9 Tough Stuff Muffs + Searing Plasma Vintage Merryweather (sold)
Neutron Star Cotton Head (given away, returned, sold)
Starstorm Slumber Head Full of Hot Air (sold)
Miami Nights Sultan's Ceremonial (gift) + Smoking Hottie's Hoodie (sold)
Cloud 9 Dead Cone (sold)
Circling Heart Handymans Handle (sold)
Roboactive Pyro's Boron Beanie (sold)
Disco Beat Down Powdered Practitioner (sold)
Starstorm Slumber Human Cannonball (sold)
Holy Grail Fubar Fanfare (gift but to be sold)
Cloud 9 Well-Rounded Rifleman (sold)
Fountain of Delight Party Trick (sold)
Screaming Tiger Zoomin' Broom (sold)
Time Warp Soldier's Slope Scopers + Tesla Coil Burning Bandana (sold)
Green Black Hole Ye Olde Baker Boy (sold)
Holy Grail Party Trick (sold)
Strange Darkblaze Head Full of Hot Air (sold)
Burning Flames Little Buddy + Field-Tested Energy Orb Dead Reckoner Revolver (sold)
Cloudy Moon Dr's Dapper Topper (sold)
Battle-Scarred Isotope Turbine Torcher Flame Thrower (sold)
Circling TF Logo Killer's Kabuto (sold)
Stare From Beyond Sultan's Ceremonial (sold)
Green Confetti Heer's Helmet (sold)
Stormy Storm Chieftain's Challenge (sold)
Holy Grail The Boston Breakdance (unboxed) (sold)
Massed Flies Pyromancer's Mask (sold)
Steaming Caribbean Conqueror (sold)
Green Black Hole Broadband Bonnet (sold)
Upside Down Anti-Freeze Professional's Panama (sold)
Circling Heart Galvanized Gibus (sold)
Strange Blizzardy Storm Bonk Boy (sold)
StatTrak Karambit Fade Factory New (90/10 fade) (sold)

Roboactive Tough Stuff Muffs :pinkneonheart: (sold)

Purple Energy Well-Rounded Rifleman + Peace Sign Pyromancer's Mask + Aces High Master's Yellow Belt (sold)

cashed out

relapse :)
Cloud 9 Vintage Merryweather + Fountain of Delight Party Trick

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I will kill you
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