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Don't kill yourself over anything. Take some time and love yourself.
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Info on Me
I am on the verge of losing my shite.
How's it goin'?
The name's.. Something. Gaming is my game. thatsoundedweird
Info for your face
I'm an it. Yep. lolno, I'm male
I like Smash Bros., TF2, L4D2, and many other games.
PAC-MAN main and enthusiast.
Also pocketing/seconding (also a fan of) Luigi, Snake, Lucas, and King Dedede.
I don't accept random invites, by the way. I need to have met you before or if you're a close friend in real life/on other medias.
I have no idea why I'm in so many memey groups I just join everything I get invinted to I'm sorry
The respect I give you is obligatory, but your actions will determine how much respect you get.
I think age, gender, religion or anything of that nature shouldn't be how people judge others, but that's the way it is.
Most of the time when I act salty, it's mainly just a joke, but that's hard to see through text.
blah blah useless info
If I am..
Online: I'm usually playing an emulator, like Dolphin or Project64, or something. Message me if you want.
Away: I'm most likely playing Smash Bros. You can message me, but I won't respond 'till I get back.
Busy: I'm out and about, or doing school work. You can message me if it's important.
Looking to Play/Trade: Exactly what it says. I don't trade at all anymore, though, so it's just invites to play then.
Offline: I'm either sleeping, my Internet is down for some reason, or school.
Well, I needn't go too far with information. So long, Not-King Not-Bowser!
Favorite Game
The Blue Penguin Aug 23 @ 8:32pm 
+Rep Best demo duel announcer :maglike:
Ted Aug 10 @ 1:02am 
What a gamer
greg Jul 31 @ 7:41pm 
{ H Y A } Phedre { H Y A } Apr 4 @ 6:50pm 
{ H Y A } Phedre { H Y A } Apr 4 @ 6:47pm 
very slick
{ H Y A } Phedre { H Y A } Mar 23 @ 5:27pm