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Personal Achievements

Trust Fall

Fall from a Great Height
Unlocked May 3 @ 11:07am

Witness a Laser

Activate a Laser Beam
Unlocked May 3 @ 11:29am

Honey, I Shrunk Myself

Shrink Down Into a Small Model of a Level
Unlocked May 4 @ 3:58pm

Let There Be Darkness

Enter the Dark World
Unlocked May 3 @ 11:40am

A Walk on the Dark Side

Collapse the Dark World
Unlocked May 3 @ 11:42am

Plant a Seed

Grow a Tree
Unlocked May 3 @ 12:17pm

Tree Tree Evolution

Grow a Double Gravity Tree
Unlocked May 4 @ 3:17pm

Discover Hydroenergy

Power on a Water Wheel
Unlocked May 3 @ 12:18pm

A Whole World in Your Hands

Grow a World
Unlocked May 3 @ 11:43am


Use a Hidden Path to Return to an Earlier Level
Unlocked May 5 @ 12:51pm

Thinking With Portals

Solve a Puzzle Involving Portals
Unlocked May 3 @ 3:28pm

Color Change

Change the Color of a Cube
Unlocked May 3 @ 3:13pm


Redirect Water Using a Cube
Unlocked May 3 @ 12:17pm

Non-Euclidean Fluid Mechanics

Redirect Water Through a Portal
Unlocked May 3 @ 3:05pm

Blue Complete

Complete the Blue Level
Unlocked May 3 @ 11:42am

Red Complete

Complete the Red Level
Unlocked May 3 @ 12:13pm

Yellow Complete

Complete the Yellow Level
Unlocked May 3 @ 3:55pm

Orange Complete

Complete the Orange Level
Unlocked May 4 @ 2:48pm

Purple Complete

Complete the Purple Level
Unlocked May 4 @ 2:35pm

Green Complete

Complete the Green Level
Unlocked May 3 @ 12:24pm

Collect the Rainbow

Complete the Rainbow Level
Unlocked May 4 @ 2:48pm

Final Countdown

Open the Final Door
Unlocked May 4 @ 2:48pm


See the Ending
Unlocked May 4 @ 3:48pm

What does it all mean?

Earn Every Achievement

The Game is Not Enough

Complete the Game Without Placing a Single God Cube