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Logic check... OK

Pass the initial checks.
Unlocked Nov 16 @ 1:19pm

Halls of His Temple

Enter Elohim's temple.
Unlocked Nov 16 @ 1:35pm

Into The Unknown

Search for other lands.
Unlocked Nov 19 @ 2:18pm

Make Connections

Use the connectors to win a prize!
Unlocked Nov 16 @ 2:37pm

Not a Cube

...but let's be honest, it works the same.
Unlocked Nov 19 @ 12:28pm

Sigils Are Not Enough

Pick up a star.
Unlocked Nov 16 @ 2:06pm

Extreme Persistence Detected

Try, fail, try again, fail again, eventually succeed.
Unlocked Nov 27 @ 2:05pm

Know Your Limits

Accept Elohim's wisdom.
Unlocked Nov 27 @ 1:48pm

The Land of Death

Run the sand through your robot hands.
Unlocked Nov 19 @ 2:23pm

Leave Your Mark

Tell the others what you think.
Unlocked Nov 27 @ 2:08pm


Use the power of air to your advantage.
Unlocked Nov 19 @ 3:10pm

The Land of Faith

Enter the Land of Faith.
Unlocked Nov 23 @ 1:30pm

Break Down Barriers

That's what axes are for!
Unlocked Nov 23 @ 1:55pm

Off The Radar

A little curiosity never killed the cat.
Unlocked Nov 26 @ 12:23pm

Sacred Grounds

Find a Messenger's abode.
Unlocked Nov 26 @ 7:52am

Help From Above

Receive guidance from Elohim's messengers.
Unlocked Nov 28 @ 1:30pm

See Double

Successfully engage in co-op mode with yourself.
Unlocked Nov 19 @ 3:58pm

On Top of Things

Stand on your own two shoulders.
Unlocked Nov 23 @ 3:29pm

Split Personality

Communicate with your double.
Unlocked Nov 28 @ 2:05pm


Don't just peek. Do it.
Unlocked Nov 26 @ 12:48pm


Laugh at the pointlessness of existence.
Unlocked Nov 28 @ 2:55pm

Hedging My Bets

Do as you're told (for now).
Unlocked Nov 26 @ 10:25am


Get everything on your own.
Unlocked Nov 26 @ 10:25am

QR Reader

See what the others have to say.
Unlocked Nov 23 @ 3:45pm

Press The Serpent

Expose the flaws in the code.
Unlocked Nov 26 @ 10:25am

Eternal Life

It's not for everyone!
Unlocked Nov 26 @ 11:52am

Last Stable Version

Restore a backup version of yourself.
Unlocked Nov 26 @ 11:54am

On The Edge

Reach the top.
Unlocked Nov 26 @ 2:31pm

Changed My Mind.

It is never too late to accept Elohim's forgiveness.
Unlocked Nov 27 @ 12:38pm

Free Will

Bring the end of your generations.
Unlocked Nov 26 @ 2:49pm

Thorough Researcher

Collect all pieces of written information.
Unlocked Nov 26 @ 3:18pm

A Good Listener

Listen to all she has to say.
Unlocked Nov 26 @ 2:07pm

Blessed Messenger

Solve every mystery in every land, that you might aid those who walk in your footsteps.
Unlocked Nov 27 @ 12:12pm

Silence The Serpent

Do not allow the serpent to fill you with doubt.

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