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Hi there! :squirtyay: I have all this stuff, I'm interested in SOMA, Civilization Beyond Earth and of course my wishlist (who doesn't right? :bbtcat:) , if you are interested, leave a message :rufusscared:

Here is my Barter with my full list of tradeables :8bitheart:

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How can anyone dislike this game?

This is what I think of it:

Life Is Strange in a graphic adventure like the ones from TellTale Games (The Walking Dead, Wolf Among Us, Tales From The Borderlands, etc). It tells the story of Max Caulfield, a dorky girl who studies photography in Blackwell Academyand live in Arcadia Bay. She has a normal student life when a traumatic event happens and suddenly discovers that she can rewind time. Later she reunites with her childhood friend Chloe Price. They catch up, talk about Max new powers...everything cool, let's do crazy stuff and then rewind as it never happened...Well its not so simple...thanks chaos theory.

About the game itself

-Nice graphics.
-Excellent music (Still waiting for the OST).
-Not only good but GREAT story, you won't be able to leave the controller until you finish it.
-Great characters, you can't avoid to be in LOVE Max and Chloe. Also great secondary cast.
-Funny, sad (you will shed some tears), romantic, shocking moments.
-PLOT TWIST! who doesn't love plost twists huh?

Recommended Patagonic Lynx

2017 and still loving this game

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