Justin   Canada
I'm 3 and a half
Currently Online
:MagicCircleIce: My name is Subsy :MagicCircleIce:

:MagicCircleIce: I am 3 1/2 :MagicCircleIce:

:MagicCircleIce: Don't talk about my csgo hours :MagicCircleIce:

:MagicCircleIce: I am a nice guy :MagicCircleIce:

:MagicCircleIce: i think anyways :MagicCircleIce:

:MagicCircleIce: My reputation online isn't the best becuz I like annoying having fun with people :MagicCircleIce:

:MagicCircleIce: i bought this magic ice circle for a dollar 30 to make this look cool but it made it look
cute instead :MagicCircleIce:

:MagicCircleIce: on my 10th birthday i went go karting with my friends but i was too short so i had to ride with my mom :MagicCircleIce:
Krispy Jul 23 @ 3:59pm 
Actually ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
feeeuQ Jul 23 @ 12:35pm 
no weebz allowed Jul 15 @ 11:16pm 
feeeuQ Jun 20 @ 11:54pm 
internet bully
Leafs May 31 @ 4:11pm 
Leafs May 31 @ 4:10pm 
dude csgo hours