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"What a Strange Fox"
Welcome to my Profile!
Thank you for visiting, would you mind reading this before we begin?

Since this is the first time we are meeting, please allow me to introduce myself. I shall abstain from formalities, I dig anonymity. You can simply call me Red or Strange Fox; whichever you see fit that makes you comfortable. Before we get to know each other, I must make something very clear. Please do not add me if you intend to market (trade, sell, buy, ect.) , I am not interested in marketing right now, and you will sadly be removed if you send me messages regarding the matter. I’ll explain my reasoning for this later but let’s move on.

”What do you want to know?”

Well, let me start off by talking about games. We all love games, right? I have a few that I play on a regular basis: Garry’s Mod, Team Fortress 2, sometimes Grand Theft Auto 5. I started getting into CS:GO, a little late for the party I’m sure. Elite Dangerous is a very beautiful game, but I’m still getting used to the controls.

Aside from gaming, I like to think of myself as an ameture artist and I welcome commissions. It’s not much of a setup, but I use a Wacom Intuos Pro (medium) graphic tablet on the art programs Photoshop and Paint Tool SAI. If you are an artist, I would love to get to know you.

I also dabble in 3D modeling. I had a fantastic teacher who coached me in the ways of blender, and I’m learning new things every day. I often use my digital art as textures on my 3D model, giving my art a one of a kind look. I am currently still trying to figure out how to make player models for Garry’s Mod. If you have any advice I would gladly appreciate it, this is something I would love to know how to do.

Another thing I tinker with is Music. I am still getting used to using it, but I use Magix Music Maker to do the heavy work. I might share my music some day, but I’m still getting the basics down.

Well, that about wraps up my personal information. Didn’t want to share too much, I need to know a little about you.

My Steam
"What about it?"

Look, I am a college student. That means a lot of my time is spent working in in class lectures, working on projects, or studying. If you see me online, I will try to respond if you send me a message, but know that it might be delayed by a little bit.

I do accept most people adding me on steam, it’s a habit I have to try and meet new people. However, I have a constant issue with people adding me because they want to market something. As I said before, I am not interested in marketing, I am content with what I have, and I do not wish to part with any of it. This shouldn't be much of an issue in the first place, most people add me because I have an unusual or a couple stranges. If you add me, I request that you refrain from bringing it up.

We are just about done, but let me also tell you about groups. I have a couple group of my own, but I do not wish to join any more right now. I barely do anything with the groups I own, I prefer using Discord.

That's another thing, I have a discord and a telegram set up. You'll have to ask me for my information, I don't feel comfortable having it here.

Well, that wraps up things for my steam info, and this friggen novel of a summary page. You want to know anything else, just go ahead and message me. Thanks for reading all of this, I look forward to getting to know you. I wanted to end this professionally, but I cannot say goodbye without saying what I have for years.

"Congratulations, you have read my profile! If you see this, then you are a truly awesome person. If not. well then you are a turd popsicle and I have no further business with you. good day."
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