Space-Dye Vest
Only if I knew my name.   New South Wales, Australia
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Hi welcome to my profile
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If you are adding me to trade, please note that the unusuals in my item showcase are not for sale.

Here's a list of the unusuals I've unboxed...

Das Hazmattenhatten - Miami Nights
Broadband Bonnet - Circling Peace Sign
Swagman's Swatter - Green Energy
Exquisite Rack - Spellbound
Ground Control - Hellfire
Sergeant's Drill Hat - Arcana
Nunhood - The Ooze
One-Man Army - Starstorm Insomnia
Rebel Rouser - Tesla Coil
Waxy Wayfinder - Tesla Coil
L'homme Burglerre - Starstorm Insomnia
Unusual Taunt: Square Dance Unusualifier - Infernal Smoke
Unusual Taunt: Battin' a Thousand Unusualifier - Infernal Smoke
Unusual Taunt: Square Dance Unusualifier - Infernal Flames
Cranial Carcharodon - Starstorm Slumber
Big Topper - Starstorm Insomnia
Cranial Carcharodon - Starstorm Slumber (again...)
Unusual Taunt: The Fubar Fanfare Unusualifier - Infernal Flames
Unusual Taunt: Soldier's Requiem Unusualifier - Hellish Inferno
Unusual Taunt: The Director's Vision Unusualifier - Infernal Smoke
Unusual Taunt: Mannrobics Unusualifier - Infernal Smoke
Unusual Taunt: The Results Are In Unusualifier - Spectral Swirl
Sammy Cap - Sunbeams
Unusual Taunt: I See You Unusualifier - Fountain of Delight
Unusual Taunt: The Soviet Strongarm Unusualifier - '72
Cardboard Boxed War Paint - Hot (FT)
Unusual Taunt: Second Rate Sorcery Unusualifier - Holy Grail
Unusual Taunt: The Jumping Jack Unusualifier -
Unusual Taunt: The Bad Pipes Unusualifier - Holy Grail
Universal Translator - Nebula
Field Practice - Poisoned Shadows
Quack Canvassed War Paint - Cool (MW)
Unusual Taunt: Pool Party Unusualifier - Midnight Whirlwind
Unusual Taunt: Yeti Punch Unusualifier - Mega Strike
Unusual Taunt: Square Dance Unusualifier - Silver Cyclone
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Gabe 'Logan' Newell 2 hours ago 
That Beautiful Drill Sergeant will never be for sale, will it?
Skrane Mar 21 @ 9:21pm 
adding coz great mg battle
Pink /*George*/ Floyd Mar 16 @ 6:48am 
Q Feb 22 @ 4:43pm 
Added to discuss a potential teade ^^
Added to discuss a possible trade