South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands
Samski : rofl these cheats

Drummer: I have a massive erection which I am using to type

*SPEC* whywhywhy : i follow mge genova convention sorry sorry

[03/08, 15:48] Drummer: I don't know what yes
[03/08, 15:49] Drummer: What did I just fuckijg WRITE

Drummer: o_o stock-senpai teach me how to trickstab like you :>

[31/08, 12:51] Drummer: Like
[31/08, 12:51] Drummer: When I fucked a dog
[31/08, 12:51] Drummer: I didn't care about what people thought

Mystt: hoe vind je zoveel retarded plaatjes

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Lol gay
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ur bf
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Who are u
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-rep airshot him on dm with direct hit and he got tiltes
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i have come to realize that modern dating in 2015 with the average female has become ridiculous! At times, i will think back to a time where i would have to put up with lying, and no regard for me as a person in the first WEEK of talking to a female and it's just became a cycle of girl after girl who consistently would make it wide known that i am battling for her attention from other dudes. One girl comes to mind who lied to me and told me she would call me back one night, but with later information i found out she was actually on the phone with another dude the whole night afterwards i actually was told by her friend she likes to play her options alot and i honestly couldn't even get mad. The use of apps like tinder and POF don't make this phenomenon any better, Women will use their options and that's their power no matter what you do she can get a man 100x faster than you could even get a prostitute just let that sink in