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Hey, I'm Maldwyn, I'm a 14 year old gamer from London and i spend my time either... gaming, coding or doing other stuff on occasion. I know basic HTML, basic python and a little bit of knowledge in js. I don't really code as much as I used to because I've lost a lot of my older knowledge and I'm just trying to keep up and learn a bit more bit by bit. I enjoy FPS games, but I do like open world sort of games that can let you explore a whole variety of different places. I have a lot of games because I often change my mind on games and decide I want to try something else.
I first installed steam when I was 8 years old, one of my very first games was Garry's mod, my most played game and probably the only game I can really keep going back to. My main ambition in life is work with computers, in future I want to learn how a computer works and how to fix certain issues with computers, almost like a troubleshooting/ disagnostics sort of job. I really enjoy just being around computers as it makes me feel like I'm in my own world.
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Nvidia Geforce GTX 780Ti
Intel Core I7 950 quad core 3.07ghz
Asus Sabertooth X58
3 x 2gb 1066mhz
Sandisk ultra II 480gb SSD
Samsung HDD 1TB
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Acer XF240H 1920 x 1080 24" 144hz
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(Ipad)-Ipad Air 16gb Silver
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(Old Phone)- Iphone 6S
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So far I really enjoy this game, it's so different to majority of games out there and follows it's own distinct style of play, one thing I'm having trouble with is how it's quite complicated and you have to get used to it and how everything works, I'm enjoying the game so far by just flying around but soon I'll be cruising my ship doing missions and potentially having a laugh with some other people making progress in the game.

My Second day exploring the galaxies captured within Elite Dangerous, it was great, I've made quite a lot of progress learning abotu certain aspects of the game and how it works, I really like how different this game is to anything I've ever played. Ever since I was really young I've been quite interested in flying around in space but there weren't many games that allowed you to have as much freedom as Elite Dangerous gives you, from what I know the galaxies of Elite Dangerous never end and lead to a very long and very nostalgic play, discovering different systems and discovering certain areas inside of that system.

I've owned this game for a mere 2 days and I really love it, it's the kind of game I've always wanted to find, a game that I can invest time into and have a realling interesting time playing, scouring around the infinite galaxies. I'm going to assign different aspects towards by reviews by giving each section a certain topic as to why I realyl enjoy this game.

The whole cargo pick up part of this game really interests me, you have to first find cargo floating about somewhere in space and a reticle pops up on your dashboard, with a sight that you have to align with the certain piece of cargo and you progressively move into it, and congratulations, you picked up some cargo. I really like the idea of flyind about, finding this cargo and either using it for some sort of mission or selling it for credits, so far I have only completed a handful of missions, but I really enjoy just cruising about and exploring vast amounts of planets.

Credits are used for a handful of things, and I quite like the idea of how for example, some missions would request for you to buy some materials, you'd pay for them with your own credits but through the mission you'd get paid back with much more, and the whole idea of selling cargo on the commodities market is really nostalgic, almost making you feel like some sort of smuggler.

The flight controls for this game require some getting used to, some controls are hard to get used to, and you may find it easier to just bind it to something else, I'm starting to get used to the whole mouse-based steering, I don't recommend getting into any sort of combat until you've properly learnt how to fly, and docking is quite annoying, it takes a bit of getting used to as you need to prepare your landing gear, get as close to the bay as possible and corrected line yourself up with the reticle that will pop up when you are in the proximity of the orange indicators for the bay.

Docking is a bit complicated, you line yourself up as I previously said but most importantly, you have to go to the contacts panel on the left on your dashboard and select the station, and request to dock, you have to be within 6500km I believe for them to accept it and if you're any further they will deny it, so just remember that if you're docking or you'll receive a warning that if you stay on the pad whether it be because you didn't request permission or it's the wrong one and if the timer ends you will be shot down by the cannons on the Station

Hope this review is helpful for some of you, and I shall update it as I get through the game

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