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I'm currently just scattered around many games (mainly TF2 & CSGO for now). I do play other games like Civ, Payday 2, etc. I can ring spy if need be as long as you guys are chill.

Other Names:
- Steak
- Steaklington
- Steakcicle
- Spooklington

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Comp Classes:
- HL Spy
- 6s Medic
- 6s & HL Scout + Solly
- HL Engie

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Vocal Quotes:

"I think you are the most respectable team owner I've met so far in this."
- [M'sM] SpooKKKy Ghost Man

"Very Nice leader had a match with him" - Porky

"It takes an uber to kill Steak" - Kala

"Are you a Japan" - Aad

"4s and 6s are basicly the same thing" - Aad

"He's fucking gross"- WoofleSwift

"Your back hurts from carrying TS" - Trep

"You cant best scrotum tickling" - Muffin

"If you're a gamer, you're a lazy" - WoofleSwift

"Steak is 90% cow, 9% seasoning, 1% salt cooked medium rare" - Trep

"You're so dumb" - Kala

"I just wanta be better than everyone" - WoofleSwift

"team has been backstabbed on toliet" - Burning Wonder

"You are literally the only spy that can trickstab me" - TECK

"Not dying is always good" - Chesham

"Aad is pretty cute" - Kala

"All asians look the same" - Woofleswift

"You're just old" - Woofleswift

"Hey, you're better than me" - Monkey

"Stop being a little shitter" - Lia Rein

"Somehow managed to lead TS for 3 seasons
without losing his sanity (somewhat debatable)." - TECK

"Your voice is comforting" - ToastGhost

"I don't care about people" - Aad

Written Quotes:

10:03 PM - trumpet: mr paladin did a video on it

10:04 PM - trumpet: i quit tf2
10:06 PM - [TS] Steak: gud
10:06 PM - [TS] Steak: I bet u quit for overwatch like ster
10:06 PM - trumpet: im cutting u from ur own team :c
10:06 PM - trumpet: ☹
10:06 PM - [TS] Steak: *doesnt show up to ToTH*

9:35 PM - FP Blaze: gl hf in your scrim
9:35 PM - [TS] Steaklington: SCRIM
9:35 PM - [TS] Steaklington: SUREEEE
9:35 PM - [TS] Steaklington: TOTALLY NOT UGC GAME
9:35 PM - FP Blaze: rippppp
9:35 PM - FP Blaze: match

10:15 PM - FP Blaze: i want to punch him and tell him to say it straight

FP Aad: btw you've given me a ring idea for steak thanks
FP spooky kala ♥: what
FP spooky kala ♥: are you gonna marry steak now too


FP Aad: I should play OW
FP Aad: I'd be a god cause I have no skill

9:24 PM - ★[HTB²] Omegaborman: Yo. Info bb?
9:25 PM - [TS] Steak: ur host
9:25 PM - [TS] Steak: ur home team
9:25 PM - ★[HTB²] Omegaborman: Well fuck
9:25 PM - ★[HTB²] Omegaborman: Lol.

FP Aad: from toradora, good anime
FP kala ♥: it says its a harem anime

WoofleSwift: oh ok i trust you steak senpai

FP Aad: im the dictator


9:37 PM - slice: let me play
9:39 PM - Steaklington: k
9:39 PM - Steaklington: play
9:39 PM - slice: i love you
9:41 PM - Steaklington: <3

[TM!?] TECK LFS Silver HL: here is the connect info connect;password cri
Joey ring' is now Online.
Joey ring': nah
[TM!?] TECK LFS Silver HL: what?
Joey ring': nah
[TM!?] TECK LFS Silver HL: deffine "nah"
Joey ring': a slang term for no
[TM!?] TECK LFS Silver HL: He are going up against you in 4 minutes for a UGC game
[TM!?] TECK LFS Silver HL: we*
[TM!?] TECK LFS Silver HL: are you going to play?
Joey ring': no youre not?
[TM!?] TECK LFS Silver HL: your team is skaterboys correct?
Joey ring': wat
[TM!?] TECK LFS Silver HL: am I correct?
Joey ring': im on a south american plat team
Joey ring': no hablo ingles mucho

Friday, December 9, 2016
1:12 PM - [TS] Steak: csgo?
1:12 PM - I. MonkeyMasterB8: Im in school you fucking nut

Thursday, June 15, 2017
10:50 PM - I. MonkeyMasterB8: You wanna play CSGO? Strat Roulette
10:50 PM - Steaklington: no im at work you fucking nut

Monday, January 15, 2018
10:33 AM - Steaklington: cs?
10:34 AM - I. MonkeyMasterB8: I'm at school you fucking nut
10:34 AM - Steaklington: ???
10:34 AM - Steaklington: oh shit
10:34 AM - I. MonkeyMasterB8: Its Monday
10:34 AM - Steaklington: MLK day is only America
10:34 AM - I. MonkeyMasterB8: Oh yeah, thats a thing
10:35 AM - Steaklington: HEY STOP TEXTING IN CLASS


1:59 PM - FP kala ♥: glad to know that dark bitter soul of yours is still capable of appreciating puppies

Steaklington: Stack - Line - Tong
EagleEyes: ey - gul - eees

10:39 PM - FP EagleEyes: shiit
10:39 PM - FP EagleEyes: i already messed up by writing stuff to lia and now you
10:40 PM - Steaklington: lol
10:40 PM - Steaklington: I also quoted the shiit and the messed up thing
10:40 PM - Steaklington: its best if u stop now lol
10:41 PM - FP EagleEyes: if i block you i cant fuck up
10:42 PM - FP EagleEyes: you actually put that up there. to make sure you cant copy this though, "I Steaklington dislike Asians"
11:01 PM - Steaklington: u do realize, I can copy paste ur name saying that
11:01 PM - FP EagleEyes: yes
11:01 PM - FP EagleEyes: but no one will believe you
11:02 PM - Steaklington: I just updated my profile
11:02 PM - FP EagleEyes: and now my future grave quote is made'

*DEAD* Redallayy: Lia buffed ur spy
*DEAD* Redallayy: why ;-;

10:45 PM - valtroid: ew why did this pleb add me
10:56 PM - Steaklington: ;-;
10:56 PM - Steaklington: *drinks bleach*
10:56 PM - valtroid: good

8:50 PM - FP Aad:
8:51 PM - FP Aad: i got praised too much
8:51 PM - FP Aad: pls tell me im bad
8:51 PM - Steaklington: ur garbage
8:52 PM - FP Aad: ty

8:29 PM - slice: We're probably gonna lose but still slam
8:30 PM - slice: like always
8:30 PM - slice: if

⛅BNF⛅ SpotlightR (Spotlight): ur cute too

1:34 PM - Aad:
1:35 PM - Steaklington: there ya go
1:35 PM - Steaklington: mission complete
1:35 PM - Aad: lmfao

[7:38 PM] danny o: Wait u were here? I didnt see you on steam so I assumed you were offline or on phone discord
[10:30 PM] Steaklington: ?
[10:30 PM] Steaklington: who are you
[10:31 PM] danny o: What I dont even recall messaging you
[10:31 PM] Steaklington: [7:38 PM] danny o: Wait u were here? I didnt see you on steam so I assumed you were offline or on phone discord
[10:31 PM] danny o: I know
[10:31 PM] danny o: I said that
[10:31 PM] Steaklington: idk
[10:31 PM] danny o: But I don't recall messaging you that
[10:31 PM] Steaklington: Want to pretend this didnt happen? lol
[10:31 PM] danny o: Yeah lmao later
[10:31 PM] Steaklington: k ccya

*DEAD* DaVideo : well
*DEAD* Steaklington : shit
*DEAD* Steaklington : lol
*DEAD* DaVideo : yet again
*DEAD* Steaklington : <3
DaVideo : <3

9:28 PM - kala ♥: why the fuck gully i hate you
9:28 PM - trumpet: gully is god tier map

*I cap the cart*
hana: The only time a spy main does something LOL

*DEAD* shaayy :1 : nice killspread 'steaklington'
*I get an uber drop*
*DEAD* Steaklington : Thnx for the extra killspread

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KingCronus Aug 9, 2017 @ 1:30pm
BLATANTLY Wallhacking, along with steak, both reported, enjoy your bans, ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

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