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Jerome is FINNISH so it explains a lot.


14:06 - Jerome: i am are leave

15:56 - Sean: :
15:56 - Sean: my car
15:56 - Sean: ))
15:57 - Jerome: ) does it fitter in jersey))
15:57 - Jerome: or is it waitering for u in UK))

14:05 - Jerome: HAHA SEAN
14:05 - Jerome: WTF
14:06 - Jerome: GG

20:13 - Jerome: is ur queen queen until she diedes?

18:08 - Jeromxaxa: can are you doed my homeworked

19:10 - Jerome ||: heaton carry
19:10 - StaggerCusCus: yes
19:10 - Jerome ||: stfu

18:20 - Jerome: gambit vs flip3side in final
18:20 - Jerome: u heard it here first
18:20 - StaggerCusCus: hopefully
18:20 - StaggerCusCus: i shall save that to my prifle

13:31 - StaggerCusCus: jerome btw jersey have there own money but you can only use it in jersey but you can use english,scottish,irish money in kersey like wtf
20:53 - Jerome: irish money?
20:53 - Jerome: you know its euro
20:53 - StaggerCusCus: oh

21:42 - Jerome: brilliantest qestion there is are

14:00 - Sean: becauyse i are british so i can here him from over in englandish
14:01 - Jerome: i thinked u jerseyish? u not patriotic?
14:01 - Jerome: 14:00 - Sean: becauyse i are british
14:01 - Sean: XD FUCK

22:01 - Jerome: sean hi
22:01 - Jerome: when blowjob me are?

14:40 - Jerome is now playing Team Fortress 2. Click here to join.

00:01 - Jerome: sean if someone in jersey smoke cirgarette the whole island would be smoke xDD

17:55 - Jerome: sean god

14:06 - Jerome: wtf lmao
14:07 - Jerome: thats the comment box+
14:07 - StaggerCusCus: yes
14:07 - StaggerCusCus: retard
14:07 - Jerome: i thought its just there
14:07 - Jerome: to tell u to follow the rules
14:07 - Jerome: omfg

16:18 - Jerome: hr will upset sk because penis

21:44 - Jerome: seksi
21:44 - StaggerCusCus: sexy
21:44 - Jerome: sexy is seksikäs

22:48 - Jerome: buses are so satisfying

11:02 - Jerome: its literally always me on top

15:55 - Jerome: sean u not think buses satisfying cuz u in jersey and france and uk has shit body maker
15:55 - Jerome: in finland are best bus body make

23:26 - SeanCusCus: jerome wtf i got mosquito bite in january????
23:26 - Jerome: )
23:27 - Jerome: tfw mosquito bigger than jersey))

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+rep hot
Mons Feb 9 @ 11:17am 
+rep, Good BOIII
Rigid Pancake Sep 4, 2017 @ 6:20am 
There is a prison in the Soviet Union they call the red sun. And it's been the ruin of many a poor capitalist and god I know I'm one. My mother was a commie, she brought me into the commie party, my father was a revolutionary man, down in the Soviet Union. Now the only thing a revolutionary needs is a suitcase and a rifle, and the only time hes satisfied is when he's overthrowing the Tsar. Oh Mother tell your children not to do what I have done, spend your lives in sin and misery In the house of the red sun. Well I got one foot on the platfoorm the other foot on the train, I'm going back to the house of the red sun to wear that ball and chain. Well there is a prison in the Soviet Union they call the red sun and it's been the ruin of many a poor capitalist, and I know I'm one.

Whats the idea of the story, the house is the Gulag
Rigid Pancake Aug 25, 2017 @ 9:19am 
-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+....rep, if the +- went to infinity, and we assume +1 and -1, what rep am i giving him, is it positive rep, or - rep?
Dyom1n Alex May 14, 2017 @ 3:46am 
Suck dick, idiot :)))
xino Apr 3, 2017 @ 2:52pm 

TheAngloNorman 27 minutes ago
-rep no matter what I did, no matter how much I tried to stop him, he would not, and could not stop hacking in the game of CSGO I was playing with him. He used aimbots like they were going out of style, he would micspam like he was going to be killed if he didn't, and he would bust a nut on his monitor everytime he thought he won, but in reality fucking lost, because he is an uneducated piece of shit who assumes he's good at games, but actually has no idea how to play them. Do I reccomend this player to you? No. Do I ever want to be in a game with this player again? No. Do I think this player should have ever even gone near Steam, or the Internet in general? No I do fucking not. There is nothing you can do. This person is an absolute madman. I do not reccomend you ever attempt to play any game, ever, with this person, and on top of all of this, he attempted to scam me out of my knife. But did I let that happen? No, I fucking didn't.